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Marie: I Left the Reunion Stage Shaking

Marie insists she never betrayed LeeAnne and discusses being on the other end of Tiffany's Reunion "rage."

By Marie Reyes
Marie Reyes Took Out Restraining Order on LeeAnne Locken

Going into the Reunion show in New York City, I was hoping for some closure. I’ve been called a liar and betrayer byLeeAnne andTiffany for more than a year and I’ve held my tongue waiting for my chance to clear the air with some facts. I also figured that because I pointed out some of Tiffany’s underhanded and less than “Christian” behavior over the past few months she hasn’t been sitting well with me, pun intended, so I wasn’t surprised at Tiffany’s visceral and ugly reaction when I walked onto the Reunion stage. She sure was mad – as she might say, “Jeezus!” Trust me the last place I wanted to sit was next to her so the feeling, not the behavior, was mutual.

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Tiffany Hendra Flips When Marie Reyes Enters the Reunion

It saddens me to hear that LeeAnne thinks I betrayed her, however, how she feels is her reality. Let’s review the actual facts about the "poop stories." At my cocktail party, Taylor sidled up to Brandi and Stephanie and told them he’d heard that LeeAnne had "pooped in her pants." I never told Taylor any LeeAnne "poop stories," period. To betray is to give information about a person to an enemy. How does something as simple as Taylor trying to be funny get turned into a story of betrayal? Even LeeAnne herself said it was a funny story among friends. Maybe LeeAnne forgot that the original words out of Taylor’s mouth were “Marie told me LeeAnne pooped in her pants.” I never knew Taylor said that until the ride to Austin. When Brandi leans in to me on the bus and says Taylor told us you told him, she’s not talking about what Taylor actually said, “I heard LeeAnne pooped her pants,” she’s talking about a very different story where LeeAnne poops in a gift bag that was in the back of a car. I know Taylor well and trust me, if he had known a story that sensational, he would've described every sordid detail, including the style and color of the bag!

Reliving the night of the Austin trip on the Reunion stage was difficult and traumatic for me. I wanted the chance to clear the air, unfortunately, as usual, Tiffany did all of the speaking, in this case, YELLING, for LeeAnne and again channeled rage and despair on LeeAnne’s behalf. Tiffany's rage is inexplicable to me, but I guess she took her blood oath to back LeeAnne so seriously that she went over the cliff with her, seriously. Instead of sticking up for lousy behavior by one of your friends, how about telling your friend who’s behavior was appalling towards each and every woman on the show to lovingly check herself? On the Reunion stage, it was pretty obvious to me that LeeAnne and Tiffany had decided I was their mutual enemy. It was uncomfortable sitting on that couch and I left the studio shaking. Fortunately, when we finished the Reunion show, my husband Angel surprised me with 2nd row center Orchestra seats to the Hamilton show on Broadway!

I’ve been accused of having a social media team that attacks LeeAnne and Tiffany, so let me set the record straight. I employ several people who help me with PR for my Signature skin care line RAGS2Riches by Marie Reyes in three different cities and I employ a young man, ONE young Millennial man, who helps me with my businesses’ social media accounts. He also helps me with social media, specifically Twitter, around the airing of this show. Surprise, I’m not the gif or photoshop queen, LOL! So, my social media “team” is a whopping one person (someone has to do the artwork and hit the send button) + me and my husband! Yes, in an effort to add colorful context I’ve made fun of people’s on screen words and behaviors. I never made fun of or “attacked” any of the other ladies for anything they’ve done that wasn’t directly related to something aired on the show, nor have I asked anyone else to do so on my behalf. The notion that I bought the Internet and or employ trolls to attack anyone on the show is simply ridiculous. By now everyone should know that if I have something to say I’m pretty direct and at no loss for words via my blog or live during my after show periscope.

Tiffany Hendra and Marie Reyes' Screaming Match Over Civility

Friends occasionally outgrow each other. Friendships sometimes end. Me and LeeAnne's friendship changed over the years. Sadly I allowed myself to be abused at the end of our friendship. The LeeAnne on the show with was not the LeeAnne I knew and loved. We no longer have much in common and letting go of the relationship has been a relief for me. LeeAnne made it crystal clear that she doesn’t want to be my friend. She knows I’m not a mean vindictive person, however, she doesn’t want to even consider that someone else could possibly be the real betrayer. Maybe she doesn’t want to have to accept that she not only threatened my life in a crazy rage but that her rage was also directed at the wrong person. Until next time.

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