Brandi Redmond: Quit Pointing Fingers!

Brandi Redmond: Quit Pointing Fingers!

"I was shocked to hear LeeAnne say that I judge Kameron."

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Is LeeAnne Locken Puppeteering Kameron Westcott?

Thank you all for watching. I’m really in such a proud, professional mindset when it comes to Brandiland. I had a vision and went after it along with my partners Mandy & Megan. Truth be told, I was honored and uplifted by Kameron’s comments. She had her own opinion that I value when it comes to supporting and uplifting others and their dreams. So thank you, Kam. LeeAnne, I wish you nothing but the best on your dress. So now tell me what you really think. I’m on my fourth collection, trademarked, and my line is currently in stores. #successmuch

Moving along, I did not see the backstory behind why Cary brought the stressticles up, and it now makes sense. She was showing Kam that she would have shut down. So now, I’m over it. It’s silly, but it may make the others think, oh yea she is a bad influence. Boo...

Stephanie sitting me down, knows me too well. I would normally not get upset over such petty BS and so I’m glad she had a come to Jesus with me. I needed to hear that. Love you, Stephanie, so thankful for your sisterhood and friendship.

Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman Audition Shirtless Male Models

The next day was the spa party, and I can’t wait to be pampered and see those models again. Stephanie did an over the top gorgeous custom spa day. First, I was shocked to hear LeeAnne say that I judge Kameron. Did she not say she was afraid of me being a bad influence? 

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Brandi Redmond Confronts the RHOD Ladies About Being a "Bad Influence"

Also, LeeAnne, Stephanie’s perspective of you was mine? Oh no honey, look in the mirror. You dressed up as two-faced, you screamed in her face that her charity world was gonna go down the toilet for hanging out with a little piece of trash (me), you lost it at our lake house, you had all your friends do dirty work for you to talk bad about us. Shall I continue? Her perspective was not mine. So quit pointing fingers. Also, do u see me trying to break up y’alls friendship? No!

However, I felt like I needed to address the stressticles with Cary. I love Cary, and she is always so supportive of everything I do but not this one. Lol, I probably over shared my opinion of the Kam and LeeAnne pact. I don’t regret it. I know I’d say it to their faces and plan to. 
Thank you again for tuning in. Much love to you all.

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