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Cary Deuber: Brandi Wanted LeeAnne to Act Like a Lunatic

"To me, LeeAnne is showing progress and personal growth, while Brandi just sounds desperate to reclaim her property."

By Cary Deuber
LeeAnne Locken and Brandi Redmond's Feud Comes to a Head

My head is officially spinning.

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Welcome to the end.

After a 20-year break, I’m SO excited to go to yet another frat party. But now, I’m kinda feeling what Mark was asking when we arrived: “Do I look stupid?”

Hmmm. This week, “phonegate” is officially in full swing. Let’s step back logically for a second. Which two girls are most often at odds with each other? LeeAnne and Brandi.

Brandi Redmond Tells Kameron Westcott to Use Her Brain

So, how the hell did LeeAnne’s phone end up in Brandi’s possession back in Copenhagen? Steph, Kam, and/or D’Andra could have found it when it went missing, but somehow, it’s Brandi who shows up with it several hours later. Maybe coincidence, maybe not. I wasn’t there, but hmmm… Do I look stupid?

Then there’s LeeAnne’s response? REALLY?!? “I cloned your phone, because they were briefly next to each other.” NOT cool, but not all that realistic either. I mean, let’s think about it for a minute: "My phone which was out of my possession was next to your phone which was in your possession and somehow I cloned it!?!" Does anyone here have Google? If you said that to me, I would google phone cloning. Everybody should google it right now. NEWS FLASH: It doesn’t seem possible, not under those circumstances anyway. In fact, it sounds kinda ridiculous. Hmmm: Do I look stupid now?

No question, Brandi’s been pissed with LeeAnne—really pissed for a while now. Sh--, I’d be pissed too if you said I was an alcoholic. So yeah, I get it.

Let’s put all of that aside, though, for a minute. Stephanie says the two of them need to talk things through and puts them together. Sounds like an adult idea. All reasonable so far. Talk.

As I watch all of this back, LeeAnne is being pretty logical. She says she feels that Brandi took her phone and feels that way because she feels Brandi wants to make sure there’s no Baltic Sea topless video. Whether it’s true or not, that actually is a pretty logical way for her to feel. She also admitted that the phone cloning comment was a joke. Yes, she needs to stop reacting to drama with stunts like this. So, no question, she is still a work in progress. However, I’m also seeing a lot of progress from her work!

As I watch their interaction, LeeAnne is trying to stay calm and cool (and did a pretty good job of it to a point). She HAS made a lot of progress. She expresses clearly and calmly what she is feeling, and that ultimately there isn’t trust on either end, just like a therapist would counsel you to do. I haven’t seen the old LeeAnne yet. No broken glass yet and no unilateral escalation from her.

Here’s the thing I keep coming back to: Brandi is saying LeeAnne always takes it to the next level; she can’t help herself but do that. But, as I watch this all back, it really looks like it’s Brandi that’s doing the escalating. She’s been trying for weeks to get LeeAnne to crack. Or do I look stupid?

Brandi was so pissed at the frat party, in fact, that she made it pretty OBVIOUS that she wanted to get LeeAnne to act like a lunatic any way she could.  Look, we all know that girl can go nuts when you provoke her hard. We all can. BUT, when you obviously provoke the shit out of somebody to make them flip shit on you, it doesn’t make you look normal, it can make you look even more nuts! So, she did finally get that physical rise out of LeeAnne, and by this point, they’re unfortunately both in the wrong.

But in my mind, there’s really no question where the escalation has been coming from lately.

I hate to have to take sides but, what the f---.  D’Andra saying this is old “LeeAnne rearing its ugly head”? NO! That’s not what I’m seeing. Old LeeAnne initiated sh--, fabricated shit out of nowhere. Nope, not this time! Sure, she can still overreact sometimes (trying to help her control that), but LeeAnne didn’t start this sh--! NOT THIS TIME, GIRLl! I don’t look stupid, and neither do you, so let’s stop with the games.

LeeAnne has been trying to better herself. On the other hand, in her confessional, Brandi says: “This is Stephanie’s party, so she feels caught in the middle. Why would you ever feel caught in the middle? I’m your best friend, and I don’t think LeeAnne deserves her as a friend.” To me, LeeAnne is showing progress and personal growth, while Brandi just sounds desperate to reclaim her property. 

I think some of these other women need to take a hard look at themselves and see where there is room for improvement. None of us are stupid, but it looks like a few of us have been playing dumb.

My favorite moment of the whole season was right at the end, the look on Stephanie’s face matching the look on my face: What the f--- is wrong with these women?! Can’t we all grow up and be reasonable?

I’m done not saying anything when I should. I feel empowered to speak my mind because I’m not in a place where I am scared of the repercussions. I’m over all that was done to me last year, and it is what it is. I’m not gonna feel stupid anymore.

This has been a true year of growth for me. I am grateful to all of my friends that helped me get where I am today. I have an amazing family, parents, career, and friends. I’m blessed to the moon and back. I am thankful every day for my life and wish you all the best in the year to come!

I can’t wait to see you all again!

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