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Cary Deuber: I Hope These Girls Can Calm Down About Their Silly War

 You forget the logic of the fight and are just fighting for the sake of winning or destroying the other person.

By Cary Deuber
D'Andra Simmons Is Done Talking

Welcome back to another alcohol-fueled week.

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Seriously, enough is enough. All of these girls like their cocktails, all of these girls all function perfectly effectively in their daily lives and meet all of their individual responsibilities. To me, that means that not one of them is an alcoholic. At this point, it’s obvious that people are just getting really pissed at each other. It’s like you forget the logic of the fight and are just fighting for the sake of fighting and winning or destroying the other person.

You can always choose to focus on the bad, but it’s so much better and more productive to focus on the good.

I’m so excited to meet my extended family in Copenhagen again after 25 years. It’s almost going to be like a first-time meeting!

A little more of the back story: My dad had a difficult time growing up. His dad was an immigrant from Copenhagen and never went back once he arrived in the US. He died pretty young, and my dad never got to know where he came from. So he reached out to the consulate and ended up putting an ad in a local paper in Denmark looking for his relatives. Miraculously, his cousin Ulla answered the ad and this led to a family trip to Denmark when I was 17 and a visit from the relatives here later on.

But, I was too young when all this went down, and the connection didn’t mean to me what it could have. But this year, while temporarily living in my parents' house, we ended up finding all of these scrapbooks, family pictures, and the whole Denmark backstory. This time I get it. I find myself in the same weird spot with my dad that he was with his family. And I find myself wanting to really discover where we all came from. Following my dad’s footsteps really could help connect us all so much more.

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So, I really hope these girls can calm down about their silly war. This trip means the world to me. I really hope to share it with people who can be positive about it too. I am ready to settle into my happy place in a sleeper seat and have that glass of champagne.

See you all in Copenhagen.

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