Cary: I Believe LeeAnne Was Coming From a Place of Concern for D'Andra

Cary: I Believe LeeAnne Was Coming From a Place of Concern for D'Andra

"I don’t believe LeeAnne was being sh--y when she told me about D’Andra’s potential financial difficulties."

D'Andra Simmons Explodes Saying LeeAnne Locken "Humiliated" Her

Welcome back! Let’s dig right on in…

I had never really embraced the anger room concept but, who doesn’t love a grown woman in a mustache? So, I’ll play along. During my chat at my parents’ house, D’Andra was talking about her goal to get out from under her mom’s business and becoming independent. She brought up her stress about finances; so, I’m hearing this from her and I know LeeAnne has already let me in on this back in Beaver Creek. Now, put the shoe on the other foot, would I want to know chatter like that was out there about me or my potential financial situation? Hell ya I would.

So I told D’Andra what LeeAnne said to me about her.

Back in the anger room, LeeAnne felt thrown under the bus by me. I see her point to an extent. As this bank account story was unfolding, I wasn’t exactly in a place where I felt comfortable talking to LeeAnne about D’Andra’s finances. Maybe fear kicked in for me and I screwed up a little. I probably shouldn’t have said anything to D’Andra until LeeAnne was there to defend herself… You live and you learn… 

Instead, I brought up the $200 conversation I had with LeeAnne to D’Andra one-on-one. First off, as I’ve said before, when I hear rumors about my friends in private, I’ve learned it’s best to share them early. Everything is going to come out eventually. Especially when it’s something potentially bad or serious. In the short term, people may be pissed; in the long run, everyone’s better off.

In this particular case, my intention was to make sure D’Andra was okay. Check in and make sure she wasn’t in a place she couldn’t get out of. I’ve known her for many years and of course care about her wellbeing. Here’s the deal…I don’t care if you have one dollar or a billion…the most important thing to me is that you are a good friend. An honest and truthful friend.

I don’t believe LeeAnne was being sh--y when she told me about D’Andra’s potential financial difficulties. I think she was coming from a place of concern, and that’s a place at which I personally haven’t seen LeeAnne before.

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