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Kameron Westcott: I Give Brandi Points For Speaking Her Mind

Kameron doesn't blame Brandi for her "fake bitches" comment and refuses accusations that she is "playing both sides."

By Kameron Westcott
Stephanie Hollman Feels Stuck in the Middle How did it feel to hear Brandi call all of you a bunch of fake bitches at dinner?

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Kameron Westcott: I actually want to laugh. It’s pretty funny that she finally woke up on what’s actually going on. I know a few of us are not fake, but I can’t speak for everyone. I don’t blame Brandi, though. I give Brandi brownie points for being open and honest with us and for speaking her mind. Friendships work on honesty, and I’m glad she was being straight up and honest about how she felt. How did you enjoy LeeAnne's fashion show?

KW: I had the best time at LeeAnne’s fashion show. Seeing her dress with all the different attachments coming down the runway was such a treat! All her hard work and time she put into this really showed, and I am so proud of LeeAnne. It is not easy to be a designer and an entrepreneur! I also think everyone enjoyed themselves and loved seeing her pieces. I wanted to laugh though when D’Andra was talking about the term "friend probation" at the fashion show. D’Andra herself made up the term, and it’s beyond hilarious! I’ve never heard of this term before. In my past, I’ve never had to deal with girl drama, so I’ve never needed to have anything like this before. Glad D’Andra can teach me how this all works! What do you think about Cary saying you're playing both sides?

KW: I called Cary out first for playing both sides, and this is just her attempt to deflect by saying that I am the one playing both sides. I gotta love her for it though. That’s a true friend! We all know I am on team LeeAnne, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see both sides.

Did LeeAnne Locken Hack Into Brandi Redmond's Cell Phone?

But let’s be honest, regarding technology: Do you think this blonde has a clue how it works? I know you can take a selfie with it, but beyond that I know nothing about tech nor can we prove if the technology worked or not. When it comes to drama...I will always have an opinion as long as tech is not involved. But on a side note, there really should be more pink tech. 


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