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LeeAnne Locken: One Should Never Manipulate the Truth

"What Jimmy is saying is EXACTLY what I was saying in the very beginning!"

By LeeAnne Locken
Is Momma Dee Trying to Send a Message to LeeAnne Locken?

Several weeks ago I called Cary and said… “If this (D’andra and Brandi attacking my relationship) is my karma, I am 100% willing to accept it and deal with it.” So, no Cary, the irony was never lost on me! And BOY is Cary right! Concerning myself with D’Andra’s life is only CAUSING PROBLEMS for me. Chalk this is up to other lesson learned!

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Let me address D’Andra’s comments to her husband: I have NEVER SAID "you have a drinking problem"! I said it concerns me that when you and Brandi are together, it always involves drinking—to excess. I also NEVER SAID “you are always going out with Brandi.” D’Andra’s ability to EMBELLISH a story is renowned in this city, and this just saddens me! One should never MANIPULATE THE TRUTH! Oh, and you are so right. It’s none of my damn business that the TWO times you mention you had gone out with Brandi you were BOTH beyond wasted...both times! Nothing to worry about! 

And at Elizabeth W grand opening is where I make my FIRST MISTEP this season! I should have never allowed myself to get so worked up that I used the word “alcoholic” to Cary. It was out of bounds, and I was wrong. Here I am OWNING IT, and soon I will be APOLOGIZING for it!  I am a human who has been PUSHED and PUSHED to go off for 11 weeks now! After hearing the word “alcoholic” come out of D’Andras mouth a million times, I finally fell in the hole! GIRLS ARE MEAN! Brandi and D’Andra have purposely antagonized me for WEEKS, and to be honest, I was getting more than a little tired of it! I should have gone home and meditated rather than express myself to Cary and Kameron in a public place.

Now to the cooking lesson. I’m just gonna start off by saying, I don’t like to cook. I honestly never have. My grandfather was the cook growing up and my grandmother was the dish washer! It was a symbiotic relationship that worked beautifully. So I just really never learned to appreciate the art of cooking. 

Sadly, I have to address this STUPID “Queen” crap again! Let me present evidence of how little I care about being Queen Bee. Here is a birthday cake that I had made for D'Andra’s birthday in 2017: 


Now do you see the lengths D'Andra and Brandi will go to just to try and make me look bad? It’s something that I have dealt with from Brandi since the day we met. Sadly, I can now add D’Andra to this list.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see the JOY that D’Andra exudes when she talks about this apron “getting under my skin”? Which honestly makes me LAUGH out loud. Sorry girl! It didn’t get under my anything! I found it to be sad that you had wrangled your mom into this mess. How’s that for some TRUTH?! 

You know what D’Andra? “Don’t mess with my daughter” is RIDICULOUS! Your mom scares YOU! The difference is, I don’t try to compete with her the way you do. I offer her respect! Therefore, we have always had a respectful relationship.  

SOOOOOO MUCH KETCHUP!! And apparently ELEPHANTS! Thank goodness the TRUTH is finally being said! Look at how Kameron knows EXACTLY what was said, and she wasn’t even in the room. D’Andra doesn’t remember how Brandi was swaying because she was holding on to me so she wouldn’t sway! They were both WASTED at the kickoff party and everyone there knew it!

I was grateful that Dee wanted to have a sit-down to catch up with me to see where D’Andra and I were at in our relationship, because I could finally share my concern to someone who I knew would appreciate it! I opened up to Dee because she ASKED ME TO! 

I find it interesting how D’Andra tells Kameron and Jimmy that it’s OK for her to “play silly drinking games during the day” because she doesn’t have children to go home and take care of. Uhh, what? Who are you drinking with??? I’m gonna stick my neck out on the line here for a hot second and say what Jimmy is saying is EXACTLY what I was saying in the very beginning! Hell, the Marines even have a similar saying! “Lie down with dogs, you’ll come up with fleas.” This is not a judgment of anyone but yourself. Choices bare consequences. In the South we are tasked to learn from our elders. I feel the conversations happening in this lake house today are about LOVING one another and wanting the best for those we love!

Oh Brandi, can you ever have a confessional where you don’t feel the need to try and TRASH ME? I can’t get to one year in a relationship? I am at 9 1/2 years, sweetheart! Keep believing your own bullsh--! 

OMG! Did D’Andra just say, “I don’t bring my mother to the dog fight! I fight the fight myself!”? Are you kidding me? You LITERALLY brought your mother in to the “dog fight” with me, and you literally brought her to the unveiling! Kameron didn’t have a “problem” with you, she was being a friend! D’Andra’s twisting and turning of things that happen are becoming RIDICULOUS! I’m gonna have to start calling her DELUSIONAL D’Andra! OMG! Now she is telling Kameron that they ATTACKED her?!! Did we all just see the same peaceful conversation? 

FINALLY A VOICE of reason! Listen to your mother, D’Andra! You say you don’t care what people say about you, but then when one of your friends tries to help you, you call it an attack. You will always be judged differently because you call yourself a Simmons! Maybe start using your married name, and it will actually not bother you anymore.

Now I am going to address the tease for next week: I DID NOT tell Dee that I thought Brandi was an alcoholic! THAT IS A LIE! I recorded that conversation and will happily play it back for her anytime! When are these fools going to STOP putting words in my mouth! 

Until next week, come chat with me on social media!

Lots of Love, LeeAnne

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