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LeeAnne Locken: Try Therapy and Grow Up A Bit!

"Blame is a one-way street with you, and it never leads in your direction!"

By LeeAnne Locken
LeeAnne Locken and D'Andra Simmons Are Pretending Nothing Happened

Welcome back y'all! They say Copenhagen is the happiest place on earth… I’m truly trying to not mess up their campaign!

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I love listening to D’Andra say how wrong she is for how she handled her anger with Kameron but not mentioning if she apologizes or feels sorry for physically attacking me! Guess I’m still on the bottom of her list for care or concern! Oh well!

I did, however, own and apologize to Brandi that night for the alcoholic comment. I have said the word “alcoholic” one time this whole season. And I have apologized for it sincerely! Sad that D’Andra can’t do the same for her pathetic behavior!

Watching D’Andra have this conversation with Kameron where all of a sudden she changes her views and opinions on the pressures that face her in our community is oddly uncomfortable! D’Andra has screamed from the rooftops how much she doesn’t care, and now she is trying to use that same pressure as an excuse for her behavior! You can’t have it both ways, no matter how hard you try! Oh and now you say your excuse for behaving badly, i.e. with anger and violence, is because you were being poked? What do you think you and Brandi have been doing to me all season?!

D’Andra saying that she wants peace in her friendship with me is a blatant lie! She only has anger for me! She has proven that time and time again all season! Mean what you say and say what you mean! Looks like Dee still has some lessons to teach her!

Now let’s get on with this day in Copenhagen! I stupidly thought after my heartfelt apology the night before to Brandi that we could start the day in a place of peace but nope! Not five seconds after coming upstairs, she becomes an insulting mean girl! I get it! But where do you think this is going to take us? Maybe try therapy and grow up a bit! After all, it’s your turn! I take the high road and ask if she wants to talk…nope! It’s too early! Too early to solve problems but not too early to be a mean little bitch! Note taken!

Here is where I am done! I am done being held to a higher standard, harsher judging, and impossible behavior! No one in this group gets picked on the way I do! Why?! It is unfair and biased and exhausting!

Boating Bitches float! LOL, the views from the boat were amazing! It was really entertaining to learn about the layout and the way that Copenhagen is organized. I didn’t even try to start a conversation on the boat, because I was still exhausted from the physical altercation the night before!

Lunch was exactly what I said—pretending to get along for the sake of getting along. I was tired of fighting and goodness knows I was not interested in getting physical in public! Stephanie without Brandi is a very calming spirit! No one wants to behave badly around her, so I appreciated her being there! And yes, I still have those three bottle caps, because I am stupidly sentimental like that!

Now to the burger, aka meat of the lunch that I never got, LOL… When Steph asks D’Andra if she loves me, do you see the looooong pause? It was longer than that! The sadness of the truth is that I believe that she doesn’t know how to love or how to care for people who love her. This makes me beyond grateful that I was raised by my grandmother! So when the moment comes to lay down the swords and hug, what does she do? Brings up the $200 comment AGAIN! This is when everyone’s eyes should open clearly to the fact, i.e. evidence that she does not want to let go of this fight! Why? Next portion of the conversation—tit for tat! When faced with a heartfelt apology, she turns the tables and says I haven’t let go of the separate lives comment, but I had! Even without an apology! Here it is, the root of the problem...she wants to win! What? I have no clue, but it’s not our friendship! #sad

Now we go into her delusional version of what we are going through: "a few rough months." You have hit me so far below the belt that I’m not sure I can breathe. You have attacked me, claimed the most loyal man in the world is a cheat, claimed I called you an alcoholic! Girl! Wake up! Words last! These words won’t be glossed over like they were no big deal! Each one was like tiny little daggers in my heart! Do you even care?

Costumes! In Tivoli! Home sweet home! I had a blast at Tivoli until we sat down and it was so obvious how pissed Brandi was that D’Andra and I agreed to try to move forward. She even called Steph “Dr. Phil.” Here’s where I am with Brandi, the same place she is with me…done! She owns nothing! Apologizes for nothing! So to me…NOTHING is who she is now!

Off to Draur to drown our issues! LOL! When Cary told us that morning to bring a swimsuit to “jump in the ocean,” my first thought was no way! Three words for you: FLESH EATING BACTERIA! No oceans! Not interested! My fashion show to reveal my dress concept was literally 10 days away, and I was not going to be sick! It didn’t help that Brandi sarcastically said if she could “baptize” me in the ocean she would forgive everything I had done! Not touching that with a ten-foot pole!

Cary Deuber Gets a Very Special Surprise in Copenhagen

When Zuri walked out, I thought, wow, the little girl looks so much like Zuri! Then when Cary squealed…we all busted into tears! What a sweet surprise! This trip to family meant so much to her, and I know she was wishing she could share it with her family! Coolest moment ever!

Now hear me about the herring… uhhmmm no! The smell of it alone was horrible! So while Stephanie was falling on the sword for all of us and trying it, I cut mine into little pieces and hid it under my bread! Yum!

Brandi Redmond Calls LeeAnne Locken "a Lying Manipulative Bitch"

Now can we just get real real for like two seconds? Me videoing them jumping in the ocean was not a malicious idea. I thought if I jumped into a 40-degree ocean, I would want to remember it. Not to mention there are literally four TV cameras and countless crew members videotaping your naked ass, Brandi! On the bus when Brandi started coming for me, I handed my phone to Cary so she could delete the video! I wanted nothing to do with something that was going to create a fight between Brandi and myself. Was that good enough? Nope! Never is with her! And here we go in her confessional…the video wasn't about you, you narcissistic child! This never-ending battle with you is basic and boring! But can you all tell that it’s also not over? So can I! 

When someone called this last dinner in Copenhagen “The Last Supper,” they had no idea how close to the truth they were! When they set the potted plant down in front of Kameron and myself, we both thought...WTF? Do we grow it, garden it, or eat it? Brandi wastes no time in beginning her attack! Asking me if I would like her to be laughing at a picture of my “sunny side up titties” is just ridiculous! I wasn’t laughing at anyone who jumped in the ocean! Even pulling out my phone and showing the recently deleted folder was empty wasn’t enough! This bitch just wants to fight me! Period. The End!

Go ahead, Brandi. Run down the list of all of my past bad behavior, but don’t mention any of yours! Blame is a one-way street with you, and it never leads in your direction! 

As always if you have a question for me, come find me on social media!

All my love, LeeAnne

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