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Stephanie Hollman: I Am Worth More As a Person Than Just a Pawn To Hurt Someone Else

"...I don't think it is fair to say that she is using me just to get to her."

By Stephanie Hollman
Brandi Redmond Thinks LeeAnne Locken Is Pretending

I am so happy that this week you all got to meet one of my best-kept secrets: my sister Tiffanie! We could not be more different, but I love that about us! She is very much the strong-willed, outspoken sister that will cut a bitch when necessary. I am more reserved, a people pleaser and well…normal. I mean the girl peed in my shampoo bottle for goodness sakes. She’s crazy, but I love her! We only live a few hours away from each other, so thankfully we get to see each other often, but not as often as I would like. I love being able to relax, catch up... and wash my dog! Haha, thanks Tiff! She is always there for me when I need someone to give it to me straight, and I really appreciate her honesty, so I was happy to open up to her about my fears with Travis going to Harvard for a month and having to play the single mom role. 

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I had another proud friend moment with the grand opening of Cary and Mark’s new laser center. I would hate to say that Cary is playing favorites within our group, but I definitely got to try the lasers before anyone else, so that’s all I am saying! Vagina sisters for life!

Cary has been working so incredibly hard to get this laser center up and running. I know she was relieved that her hard work was paying off and she could finally get patients in her chair! The event was a huge success and she had a great turn out…minus a few hiccups in the group. 

Is LeeAnne Locken Saying D'Andra Simmons Has a Drinking Problem?

Do I think that D’Andra has a drinking problem? No, that is crazy! D’Andra has been very open to me and a few others about how alcoholism affected her family growing up, so I think she is very aware of how much she consumes. I do not see any problem enjoying a glass or two during lunch! We all lead very busy lives and have a lot going on, so when we get a moment to step away with a girlfriend, it is rare! Enjoy a glass, and as long as you’re responsible, it shouldn’t be a concern. 

As I said in my confessional and last week’s blog, I do not think that Brandi nor LeeAnne are blameless. I see both sides to their argument, because I am friends with both of these ladies. I do not think that LeeAnne was trying to be malicious when she made the analogy, but that was the wrong analogy to make. Brandi took offense to that, because baby Bruin is so special to their family and she would never want him to think that he is anything less than a complete blessing to them.

Brandi Redmond Says LeeAnne Locken Once Again Hit Below the Belt

On the flip side, Brandi should not have been pushing LeeAnne so much for details on her wedding, because that is something that is very near and dear to her, and she felt like she was being attacked from both sides. I get it, but I don't want to be in the middle of it. I know Brandi wasn’t trying to be malicious with the comment that she made in the car, but it did still hurt my feelings. I know Brandi is hurt by LeeAnne, but I don't think it is fair to say that she is using me just to get to her. I know I am worth more as a person than just a pawn to hurt someone else. I have been friends with Brandi for 12+ years and would like to think that LeeAnne sees in me the same thing that Brandi sees in me, friend. 

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