Stephanie on Getting Pulled Into That Cary and Kameron Clash: WHY AM I HERE?!

Stephanie on Getting Pulled Into That Cary and Kameron Clash: WHY AM I HERE?!

"Now, I did not know what I was walking into but as soon as I sat down I wanted to get up..."

Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman Audition Shirtless Male Models

This show has provided me many opportunities that I am incredibly grateful for. I have made amazing new friends, I have made some incredible memories… AND I HAVE GOTTEN TO WATCH MODELS FEED Brandi Redmond GRAPES ON MY COUCH! I think you know which one takes the cake here! I decided to throw a spa party for the girls because I never really had a housewarming party since we moved in and if we are all honest, I have a pretty incredible bathroom that I wanted to share with my friends. I thought what better way to break in my lady-cave than to invite the girls over for a day of pampering, massages, and manicures. In true Stephanie fashion, I was not going to stop there, I wanted to add an extra touch of ridiculousness onto this already fabulous plan so I decided to hold auditions for male models to work our party for the day. I had my assistant, Trey, rally together some models, but I told him to only bring me the best of the best and boy did he deliver! We had some very handsome man candy that we tortured…I mean auditioned, and a very cute mascot to top it off. I have to be honest, when I saw Chase walk in, I had a few questions about Trey’s taste in men but when Callie-Roo came bouncing down the hallway, it all made since. She stole my heart and I regained faith in my model recruiter! Job well done! I couldn’t possibly choose between these fine men and our new four-legged friend so I hired them all! I'm simulating the economy while stimulating my friends lady parts!

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Get Up Close and Personal with that RHOD Kangaroo

Proud friend alert! Brandi Land is a clothing line that Brandi launched about a year or two ago and she is absolutely KILLING it. I have been to a few of her pop up shops around Dallas and watching the clothes fly off the racks almost makes me tear up. She has always been such a hard worker so I never had a doubt in my mind that she would be successful with anything that she does but I am so proud to watch her thrive and see her company grow! Juggling a company, three kids, a husband and all of the other household duties is extremely overwhelming- I totally get it! I had a conversation with Brandi in this episode about how I am concerned for her because she is always the last person to ask for help. I want to continue to see her doing amazing things, but at the same time, as her friend, I want her to know that I am always there to lend a helping hand and it's okay to admit defeat.

On that same note, let me just say how proud I am of LeeAnne Locken for pursuing her dream and making this dress come to life. I can see the pure joy and passion that she has for this project and that makes my heart smile. I believe that you can do anything if your heart is in the right place and I have no doubt in my mind that she is going to sell out of this dress 175 times over! I love the dress but more importantly, I love watching my friend make her dreams come true and I will be there to cheer her on every step of the way.

Tonight at the Brandi Land party, Cary Deuber and Kameron Westcott were having a conversation about their relationship and somehow I got brought up and Cary pulled me in. Now, I did not know what I was walking into but as soon as I sat down I wanted to get up. Why am I even here? And why are they both yelling at each other? But more importantly WHY AM I HERE? Awkward much?

Finally, to finish out the episode, you got to see my spa party dreams come to life. I have tiara's, tea sandwiches, Greek god's, nail tech's and I even had some robes monogrammed to show these ladies that I didn’t just throw this party together last minute- I put some thought into this. You’re welcome, ladies! I didn’t let anyone use my special potty but you really have to be a special friend to use the special potty. That’s something to look forward to ladies! Overall, the spa party was a success and Callie-Roo looked adorable in her little diaper!

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