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Gracious Offerings from Burkina Faso

Lynda talks about putting together the fashion show.

I can’t believe we are nearing the end of Season 1! ONCE AGAIN my blog post is late… I apologize for the last several weeks of late posting, however, my blog is very personal and is not something I want to delegate to someone else. As I have explained earlier, the fall is truly my busiest season, so it is sometimes hard to make time to complete this to my satisfaction on time. Again, I thank you for your patience, in addition to all of your comments, love and support.  Please, continue to follow me on Twitter at THERealLyndaDC and check out my personal website at

Before I get into this week’s episode, I want to give a shout out to Half Yard Productions, the producers of The RHoDC. They have done an exceptional job showcasing the true essence of our nation’s capitol with its majestic monuments and memorials, cultural institutions, embassies and streetscapes. These city vistas are artfully filmed and sure to boost D.C. tourism! Bravo to the production crew! It makes me proud to call D.C. my home.

Fashion in the Nation’s Capitol
As I previously addressed in my blog post dated August 12th, "A Whole New World," “In addition to advertising agencies, department stores, and publications, our clientele also includes Embassies, which makes our agency unique in the industry.” Washington, D.C. is an international city rich in history, art, and culture –- and that includes fashion. This week, you got another look inside my professional life. As an agent, it is my job to provide a service for the client while representing the best interests of our models and stylists. Often times, that includes giving them advice and guidance to be the best they can be.

During the go-see for Burkina Faso, I call a male model out for not cutting his hair as I had previously instructed. His hair looked nothing like his composite card, which means that a client booking based on his pictures alone would be misled. This misrepresentation could result in a cancellation, which would be bad for the client, the model and especially the agency. I may appear critical at times, but I am very passionate about my job and there are many facets to what I do. Whether my talent needs to see a dermatologist or a dentist, hair stylist or nutritionist, I will advise them to consult the experts needed to improve their image.

Gracious Offerings from Burkina Faso
I am honored to have been invited to the Burkina Faso Ambassador’s residence to meet with the ambassador’s wife, Araba Yonli, and designer, Clara Lawson-Ames. I was already impressed by the creative direction undertaken by event planner, Nenye, to showcase Clara’s gorgeous collection and looked forward to learning more. After meeting them and hearing about the women of Burkina Faso who helped create the line, I wanted to support them by wearing one of the remarkable couture designs they had hand-stitched. As a petite woman, I present a challenge to any designer, but Clara was very patient and spent the night before the show helping me find the perfect dress. I felt like a princess going to a ball and I am forever grateful for her kindness and generosity, as well as for opening my eyes to a beautiful and culturally rich part of the world to which I had not previously been exposed.

The Security Warning… My Instincts
As filming was taking place, I realized how eager the Salahis were for camera time and attention. While finalizing details with the event planners, I made them aware of the Salahis since they were building a reputation for attending events as uninvited guests. In order to ensure that the spotlight was not detracted from Burkina Faso, I sent pictures of the couple to provide to security with instructions that they were not to be allowed in. In addition, knowing what Mary had just experienced at Oasis after the grape stomp, I didn’t want her or Lolly to be uncomfortable attending the fashion show. Did I have a premonition as to what would occur just weeks later?! No way!!! I was just as shocked as the rest of the world when I woke up to the Washington Post headline "Off the List But On the South Lawn." Who could have predicted that?!! I was so embarrassed for the Obama administration, the Secret Service, and our country, to read that the Salahis had "allegedly" infiltrated national security by "allegedly" crashing the first official state dinner honoring the Prime Minister of India.  I received so many phone calls after the fact asking me if I had any idea of what they were up to, and I said, “absolutely not!”  Again, no one could have predicted that. Even though I followed my instincts for the Burkina Faso fashion show, if I had had any idea of what they were up to I would have called the White House myself!

So, you think last week's episode was explosive? YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE what is in store in this week’s episode, the Season 1 finale. You’ll finally see what the world has been waiting for! You’ll get the abridged version of the media storm that ensued after the Salahis’ “alleged” White House gate-crashing incident with actual news footage, including their testimony before Congress. The Salahis pleaded the 5th and have denied any wrongdoing, but I’ll let you be the judge. I am curious to know what y’all think and if anyone believes anything that comes out of their mouths. After what has been disclosed on the show, I feel vindicated and relieved that everyone now knows the truth. As I said in my first blog to you, the truth will prevail!

Unfortunately, last week’s poem was left out because of copyright issues. This week, I dedicate the following poem to the beautiful women of Burkina Faso who continue to keep their traditions and culture alive…

Beautiful hands are those that weave
bright threads of joy in lives that grieve;
Beautiful feet are those that run
on errands of mercy from sun to sun;
Beautiful lips are those that speak
to comfort the mourner and hearten the weak;
Beautiful eyes are those that glow
with the light of a spirit pure as snow;
Beautiful faces are those that seem
with a love like God's own love to beam;
Beautiful forms are those that grace
with gentle service to the lowliest place;
Beautiful lives are those that bear
for other lives their burden of care;
Beautiful souls are those that show
the spirit of God wherever they go.
-Author Unknown, presented as published in George Llewellyn’s Golden Book of Reconstruction Letters
Peace & Blessings,

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