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No B.S. Here

Cat shoots straight and gives her side of the Aunt Francis story.

REALLY?????!!!!!!! Let's get this straight... I take the mickey out of my own country too! You can never take life too seriously... if you ever lose your sense of humor you may as well throw the towel in.

I LOVE AMERICA!!! I despise racism. I bring my girls up this way, with the beliefs I hope is for the future for us all - equality on every level. The English are the country full of what Aussies call 'the whining poms'... We are the nation of shopkeepers where we sit in the laundrets and whine about everything from the cost of mortgages to the price of a pint (and of course the weather)...!

We expect to be disappointed and if we aren't, we are disappointed by that!

There were many things going on behind the scenes that will come out later. I had to leave Charles and my girls for the whole afternoon (on family day) and had a lot on my mind. The reason I couldn't say goodbye to Stacie was that I had already been gone from home for four hours prior to another hour's drive home. I was there on time two hours before the rest of the group... and was going back to be given a hard time and then cook another dinner for my family.

P.S the wine being 100 years-old was aunt Francis' joke before mine! She's great!

P.P.S EVEN offered to do all washing up before I left too!

I have had to leave USA whilst people think I'm like this as I've been given so much grief! Stay tuned for next episode... Hope I can come back when the viewers see the real me. I'm not so bad. At least I'm real, and say it how it is! No BS with me anyway.

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