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Paris Dreaming

This week's episode sends Mary on a trip down la rue de mémoire.

This week's episode is one that makes me long to return to one of my favorite cities.... Paris! I have not been back to the "City of Lights" since I was 18! My father used to take me with him on business trips, much to my teenage delight. I have such great memories with my dad, who is one of my heroes. I got a bit busy raising a family of five kids since that trip, and haven't been able to get back. I enjoyed living vicariously as I watched The Turners and Salahis walking those beautiful streets. It made me want to go back soon! I would love to get the Amons kids there as well. Can you imagine? It could be a true updated re-enactment of the Griswolds' "European Vacation!" I am passionate about music, art and fashion which is such an important part of French culture. It was so exciting to see Jason's brother perform! Who knew Jason's family included a rock star musician? It was great to see Stacy and Jason travel so far to support him. It's very touching to me how clearly they love their families. I loved how Stacy was worried about the "details" and Jason just basically said, "I got this, it's what I do!" What a funny scene. Even the matching luggage made me smile -- they are the cutest couple! If ever asked to do this show again, I am signing up for a Turner Tour of Paris next season!! Paul's party aftermath was interesting. I actually had to duck out pretty quickly that night. I was feeling very ill that day and was feeling pretty miserable at dinner, but I felt strongly about sticking around to hear Paul speak and honor him on his special day. I was so touched by his beautiful toast when he was FINALLY allowed the chance to speak! Paul spoke from his heart and was obviously very moved by all of his friends who showed up to celebrate him. I thought he handled all the many "distractions" very well that night and I loved his candor and honesty in his speech. I decided to exit the party as soon as the cake was cut -- I'm sure glad I did! I think I dodged a bullet and escaped some drama! Our Meghan was awarded "Funniest Amons One Liner of the Week" at the end of our "sexting" conversation, and I am proud of her that she raised the issue with me, on camera no less! I'm not sure I would have had the courage to speak about such issues with my parents at her age, even in private. It's healthy to talk about issues and pressures kids are dealing with these days. I certainly don't want my kids to get their information from friends at parties (oh, maybe that was just me?) or the Internet. I feel her school did a good job of putting it out there. It's a world I am shocked by regularly these days.... I caught some heat this week about Kona from some people and "making" Rosa "gear up and pick up." I have to plead ignorance on that as Rosa knew it bothered me and took matters into her own hands. I did not ask her to do get down on her hands and knees and go on "poop patrol" and never would. I would have "TOLD" Lolly to do it. Also, thank you for the many tips on dealing with Kona's non-stop shedding! We did pick up a "Furminator" and it's worked great! We found we could stuff pillows with all the hair it takes off.... now, if we could just find a spot for Lolly to "Furminate" other than our driveway, we would be making real progress on a special pet peeve of mine.... Also, to clarify, Kona is a mixed breed, a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and an English Mastiff. Some of you were curious and I got it wrong in one of my interviews. Apologies! I did get a chance to check out the Bravo Real Housewives of D.C. part of the website a bit more this past week and loved seeing the bonus clips! I was disappointed to see that my clip of grocery shopping in our local Safeway with my son Ryan wound up on the editing room floor! I have been making the "Mclean Safeway Shuffle Shopping trip" since I was a child, and I consider the people there to be part of my extended family. Our family watched it together and we laughed, especially when I make a pretty bold statement about the "talent" that I have developed in packing a grocery cart! I used to have to use two carts. Thanks to my yet to be patented system I'm down to one (hey, it's little things that make you happy!) Even our bonus clip about our family morning routine was bizarre for me to watch as I usually am sleepwalking in my PJs and Uggs when I do it and usually on autopilot! We are having a great time so far as a family enjoying this surreal experience of watching ourselves on TV! The show has provided plenty of ammunition for all for us to make fun of each other, although I seem to be taking most of the shots! I guess that's what I signed up for with this gig, so my skin is getting tougher by the moment these days! We are pleased that editors have chosen to show the fun we have together and the ups and downs of living life as a large family! I have been overwhelmed by the overall expression of support and cheers from you viewers and even the critics are funny (well, some of them anyway) with their comments and observations. THANK YOU for taking the time to share your kind words towards me and our family! I'm truly humbled! My heart is that our story will be seen as one that is positive, real and relatable, even if seen through a reality show filter, which is highly unusual, and can only tell a small part of our story. No matter where you come from, regardless of what your economic or perceived or hoped for social status is or isn't, family, and relationships are what makes the world go around, and we all need to show respect, support, and love for one another, especially within our own families, which sometimes can be the hardest challenge. I know it can be for us at least!! To be given an opportunity to share our "functionally dysfunctional" family story has been a humbling and wonderful experience so far and I am holding on tight during this pretty wild ride! Thanks again for watching, especially if you're on vacation! I hope the show is entertaining, and I know there is more soap opera drama to come, so hang in there with us. There's more fun and craziness to come!
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