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Try Being Honest

Cat talks vinyard security detail, Lynda's adorable family moments, and her "rude London brashness."

Well, sometimes you have to see it to believe it ... and that was the case with the "vineyard grape stomp," with full on security detail protection! From who? His mother??? Call me old-fashioned, but as a mother myself I can't even fathom what it would be like having a son who finds it necessary to take those precautions for his guests. Got to wonder what the story is there - poor lady. Let's get real. I needed to the extent of their BS for myself. I knew there were no grapes and the sad thing is if they had been honest about the state of the business, then we could have made a difference and brought positivity and helped with a plan for the future, rather than absolute crap. I couldn't hold back my astonishment over the depth of their deception. "Let's all love each other shall we?" Give me a break! Try being honest first.

On a happy 'real' note, loved seeing lovely Lynda's kids in toddlers PJ's, it was sooo sweet and adorable. Great kids, awesome mother. You reap what you sow in life.

I felt Mary’s house didn't show her warmth, which is why I was shocked with her plans to have black walls. The more comfortable your guests are in their seats, the better the evening. I love Deborah’s shop but my bottom is way too boney to sit on some of those chairs! Shoot me again for saying it like it is. When I see how outspoken I can be, I wish I could redo all the filming! That "rude London brashness" ... when do you see the other side of me? Please hurry up and bring it on! All my friends here in the UK are shaking their heads big time! They know me and love me and are looking forward to seeing more of 'me'!

Maybe next week when I'm dressed up as Sarah Palin (keeping it real of course.) Thanks to those who are enjoying a breath of honest air and who support me while I fail to understand the superficial, unnatural, bewildering existence of some of my cast members.

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