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Negative Energy

Cristy defends her appearance at the gala, says she doesn't see the need for the drama.

Hi guys,

If you're reading my blog today that means you jumped on board for RHMIA and I am happy about that!!!

Well what can I say? This episode kind of left me surprised, so let me think carefully as to how I want to react to so much nonsense!!!

Being that I don't get caught up in all that drama let me start on a positive note: my luncheon.

I loved this scene and here's why: I feel that the vibe was upbeat, fun, casual, and loving with Chef Pepin, which is what my home is usually like. The girls all bashed on him for using a crockpot or what have you, but the way I see it is—who cares what he cooked it in? The food was amazing! They did not mind when they "cleaned" their plates of all the food. LOL! He made us laugh and I think he is hysterical.

Lea did not go because as she stated “Who has time for a two hour luncheon in the middle of the day,” and Marysol got caught up in a meeting. We managed to get along without them, but it would have bee nice to have them there. I know Marysol would have enjoyed it. Maybe next time???

Anyways, of course it would not have been a regular get together with Adriana if at some point the attention was not all about her. The luncheon conversation was all about Adriana fighting with her fiancé because he would not go pick up her child (who she happened to forget at school), and she makes her personal life all of our business once again, by telling us that he hung up on her face, etc., etc.

At this point she can call Larsa and I the "mean girls" if she wishes, but in reality we were being "the real girls." We had recently witnessed her behavior on a night out without him, and now we are hearing the way she talks about him to all of us at lunch, so in our eyes, it's a no-brainer: GET RID OF THE GUY! You can't possibly love someone you talk about like that. I was being really sincere when I told her to move on. To me that whole relationship is whack! Who disrespects their significant other in that way or like I said last week, "Where do you find men that put up with that?" I feel that maybe if she would be with someone for the right reasons she would find happiness. She is a young mother and deserves it.

Whatever we have to say to Adriana, we said to her directly because she opened up the door to our opinions and that was the end of that.

Which brings me to the sad reality of Alexia and Adriana talking about Larsa and I as mothers. I am going to speak for myself in saying that neither one of them has spent more than 20 minutes with me, my kids, and/or their father discussing how my kids are raised.

I have never in my life had a nanny that drives, so I will just start there. My kids, all three of them, plus my two stepsons, plus Luis (who has lived with me for the past 8 years and my ex and I are his godparents in the US) have always known what it is like to have a nanny to love and care for them, but never to have a nanny to replace their parents.

We are 150 percent involved in our kids' lives. If having a big family like the one I do makes me a baby factory, than it's all good. I am one of five kids myself and a being from a big loving family is something I am proud of. The two of them sitting around talking about us is just a sign of what they are made of. I must laugh at Alexia saying she is balanced and knows both worlds, unlike Larsa and I. Scary thought. . .

As for Alexia's comments about her magazine and her being the sought-after socialite who calls the people from Hialeah, "the lower people who want to look, dress, and live like her and her friends," I am truly embarrassed for her. I am speechless, and I would just like to clarify to the people of Hialeah that although I did take part in a photo shoot with the girls for her upcoming issue, I did it without knowing that this is what she thought.

And last but definitely not least is the self-created drama of Lea Black and her gala. It's actually funny to me that she complains so much about not having time for anything, yet has all the time in the world to gossip and create drama and rumors about my attendance at her gala.

I hear it, but all but none of it affects me because she knows as well as we all do that I was not going to be in town and had told her I would not be able to attend. The night before the gala, I saw Marysol at the salon and told her my son got sick so I was probably not going to take my kids out of town. Marysol, who was organizing the event told me to definitely try to pass by, as this would be one of our first times with all the girls together. I also spoke to Lea that might and gave her a heads up but I made it clear that it was not for sure.

Regardless, the next day on my way to the cocktail reception I got a flat tire on Biscayne Blvd (not the safest place in town for two girls alone in a Bentley and gowns, jewelry, etc.), but we decided to call a cab and not let his ruin our night. By the time we got there the cocktail hour was way done. We had originally made plans to dine with other friends in that hotel that night, but then we went in to the gala to say our quick hellos, show Lea my support, tell her and all the girls how beautiful they all looked, have a drink and leave.

At no point did I think that Lea, a woman who has been to my house for my kids’ birthday parties, as well as I at hers, etc., would actually take part in such nonsense talk. That very week we had a dinner planned at her house with all the girls, and I planned and did take her a check to support her event. For the short time I was at the event that night I looked for a table with someone collecting money as they sometimes do but there was not. Never did I think it was a big deal. This is just dumb to me, as there was no issue, except that I saw just how shallow people can be. If the tables were turned I would have never spent two seconds of my time at my gala talking about a friend, who clearly decided to make a quick appearance for support, in such a way or going on about invoicing, etc. What terrible energy!

The worst part is that she stayed on the negative energy track and later sent me a certified mail, signature-required envelope with an invoice and photos of me at the event to prove that I was there. I have never laughed so hard. Clearly she has no tact, but I can't get mad at her for that. I just grin and ignore it. She can fight and talk all day along about me with her so-called gala-committee (trash-talking committee) but I know that it does not affect me in any way. I was wrong about her and that less is a learned one. I don't care for all that negative energy. She had her check the following week. I never ate. I never sat down. I was there a whole 20 minutes maybe. What is her drama?!? Wow...

For the record the rest of my night turned out to be a pleasant one as I visited my friends nightclub "Liv" with Luqui and a friend that we ran into from South America (Fhara) who joined us.

God bless and stay tuned...



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