Got to Be Real

Got to Be Real

Marysol discusses the oddities of being in front of the camera, and wishes her castmates good luck.

It is so hard to believe and incredibly surreal that the first episode of The Real Housewives of Miami has finally aired!

On Monday night, we held an incredible premiere party at the legendary Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach. The one and only fabulous Andy Cohen came down to Miami for it, and my mother and I adored meeting him. All the girls were there except for Larsa, who unfortunately had a prior commitment that made it impossible for her attend. She was definitely missed by all (Hi Larsa!).

Now, on to the premiere episode: It was definitely an odd feeling, seeing myself on camera as I am usually behind the scenes as a publicist and owner of a PR company (The Patton Group). I went into this experience with an open mind and heart to take a journey with some women whom I have known for years and some that I did not know at all.

Along the way I made some friends and found myself confused about the behavior of others. I was raised to be polite and keep all comments and thoughts of disdain to myself. Perhaps I will not be the most vocal/typical housewife that viewers have seen in the past, but I certainly did my best to be slightly entertaining through self-deprecating humor.

I'm often asked about my experience during filming and I look back now and am amazed that I was able to find the time and energy run my company and find time to film. For some that may sound like a silly comment, but if you are in the public relations and events industry then you know how demanding this job is, and that it is essential to be on call 24/7. When I realized I could do it all it, I had an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

Although we all filmed separately for the majority of the time and are all in the dark as to what will be revealed from our cast mates as the show goes on, I wish all five of my castmates Alexia, Lea, Cristy, Adriana, and Larsa all the best in the world.

May this journey keep us all pure and real.

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