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Mom's the Word

Marysol explains why there wasn't much cooking at her cooking party, and defends Elsa.

By Marysol Patton

Miami Housewives Finito!

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It has been absolutely wonderful getting to know so many of you via Facebook, Twitter, and even in chance encounters.

When I received my wedding photos and called my mother over to share them with her. She always makes everything so fun and makes me laugh. What did you think about my mom's thoughts on being a grandmother?

I think it's really great how Adriana is always working on spicing up her relationship with Frederic. I hope she gets everything she dreams of with him. He seems like a really great father figure for Alex.

At the bitter end it was my turn to host a cooking party. After going to several of these cooking lessons, I observed very quickly that no one was interested in paying attention to the chefs, rather it was all about gossiping and horsing around. Instead of possibly insulting a well known chef by inviting him to teach an uninterested group of women to cook, I decided to keep things simple so we could all have fun and chat while indulging in food and wine. My husband Philippe has a food product that comes prepared and ready to serve, so we introduced it quickly to the ladies and went straight into what we do best -- "mingling."

What I had hoped would be a fun evening turned into a dreadful experience for poor Mom. My entire life I have noticed that no matter where we are people always want to prod Mom for insight on their future which, if she feels something, she will. However, she is always respectful in that she pulls people aside for privacy when discussing someone's life as there is a time and a place for everything.

When Larsa walked in to the party announcing that she didn't believe in psychics and challenged mom to convince her otherwise, my mother -- not wanting to discuss what she felt in front of everyone -- respectfully declined. However, Larsa kept insisting, so fast-forward to mom finally telling Larsa what she is picking up on.

Unfortunately, Larsa was not prepared to hear anything other than that she is "perfect" so she spent the rest of the evening grabbing my mother and trying to convince her that her life was perfect and giving us a monologue of how contrary her life was to what mom was seeing. Cristy spent the majority of the night laughing with my mother and grabbing me to tell me how hysterical she was, so I'm not sure at what point she wanted my mother to "shut up." With that said, both of them should have changed the conversation, as I tried to do several times, if they didn't want it to continue.

Following this dinner party some ugly things were said about my mother that are just too nasty to repeat! It is horrifying that grown women and mothers would talk that way about an elderly woman especially on camera.

The entire dinner party that I hosted has really been bothering me for a long time and upsets me, so I would like to move on to a more pleasant topic: Lea's Garden Lunch.

I had an absolute blast! Yes, it was hot outside, and yes, there were a million mosquitoes, but any chance to dress up and put a feather hat on my head, in my a good time! Thanks Lea, you always make everything so fun!

I will truly miss hearing everyone's comments on the show, please keep writing me - I love hearing from all of you!

Twitter: @MarysolPatton

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