Adriana's Passion for Fashion

Adriana's Passion for Fashion

Adriana explains why she packed so many suitcases for Bimini.

I believe that fashion -- just like art -- is a way of personal expression, and they are both a big part of contemporary culture. So that is why I was a little preoccupied with my packing for the Bimini trip. Everyone knows I take art seriously, and since I also consider fashion an art form, I had to take my choices of outfits seriously.

Hence, the over packing! Unfortunately, forgetting my passport was not the best move, and I paid for took me all day to get to Bimini. Oh well, who says self-expression doesn't have a price?!

I was frazzled by the whole ordeal of traveling in bad weather and felt very happy to arrive safe and sound in the Bahamas. By the time I got there, the girls were already settled in at their respective homes, and I was left a room in the "Originals" abode. Frankly, I was happy with that arrangement, since I was still not certain on how Joanna and I would be around each other... Later on that evening we met for dinner, and the cocktails and shots were flowing like water. I was a bit apprehensive about how Joanna would react towards me, since we know when she drinks things can get ugly, but to my surprise and relief she didn't attack me and the dinner was very pleasant.On the "getting cheated on" conversation, I must say that to me, the sooner one finds out the better. Who wants to be in the dark about that?

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Overall, I was happy to see all the girls having a civilized time and trying to enjoy each other's company.



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