RIP Little Leroy

RIP Little Leroy

Adriana mourns the passing of Lea's dog and feels Lisa's pain.

RIP Little Leroy

I would to start by saying that my heart was broken for the passing of Lea's dog. Little Leroy was small in size but very big in spirit. I decided to dress up for his funeral because I am an animal lover and I respect my dog and any other animals. I especially wanted to show Lea my support during her loss of a beloved pet. I know we love our pets like a family member.

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Lea Says Goodbye to Her Friend

Our dog's name is Sir Dudley Do Right and we have had him for 8 years now, and I can't even bear the thought of losing him. My son loves him as his brother and I love him like a son.

My heart also went out to Lisa's opening up about her struggles on carrying her pregnancies to term. I was touched by her pain and sincerely hope she will soon be able to conceive and experience the deep love and honor of motherhood. I believe that nothing compares to the love we feel for our children. I'm happy and I feel complete thanks to the blessing of having my son -- he is my everything.

I wish everyone I great week and hope time will heal our broken hearts and will bring the future joys we all wish for.

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