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Flirtation Nonesense

Ana Quincoces puts the Rodolfo rumors to rest.

By Ana Quincoces

So I hoisted myself off the recliner and moseyed on over to the computer room at the retirement village to write this, my first RHOM blog. I am happy to report that I did not break a hip in the process. Now, let’s put this “older woman” jab into perspective shall we? First, let me say that the age disparity between Karent and I can hardly be described as a generation gap, regardless (or in Karent-speak “irregardless”) of what anyone says.

This Boyfriend Doesn't Play Around

In my tender years I have managed to become a lawyer, an author, a chef, build a successful practice, enjoy a 20-plus year marriage, and, most importantly, be a mom to two extraordinary young women. If every smile or every tear I shed in the process contributed to an unfilled, un-botoxed line here or there, then I welcome them. They are badges of honor earned throughout a very fulfilling lifetime. I would say Karent has some catching up to do, wouldn’t you?To dedicate (read: waste) any blog space to the Rodolfo flirtation nonsense is to give it more credence than it deserves. All I ask is that you continue to tune in as the truth has a funny way of revealing itself.

There have been numerous questions about my "unorthodox" relationship with Robert. I suppose for those who have suffered through an ugly divorce, our situation is not the norm. The truth is that our separation was a very mutual and well thought out decision. It was not triggered or caused by any third party or scandal. It was a sad decision fueled by the realization that while we loved each very much, the relationship had evolved into a strong friendship -- the kind of affection you have for a sibling. We decided that we were both too young to hang it up in the love and passion department - so here we are, still struggling with the aftermath of our decision but continuing to forge ahead in a positive and caring manner for the sake of Kati and Beba, who are everything to us.

I loved meeting Lisa and Joanna at Smith & Wollensky, and had it not been for Elsa's unfortunate collapse (from which she has thankfully recovered), meeting the girls was a pleasant experience. They are young and spirited and will bring a different dimension to the show.

Meeting Rodolfo AGAIN was as uneventful as it was the first time. I don't think I'll agree to a third introduction.Season 2 promises to quench everyone’s thirst for drama and intrigue. Some great surprises are in store this season, and you will certainly not be disappointed!

Keep it tuned in to Bravo Thursday nights at 9pm and watch the drama unfold.


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