Lea's Cruel Treatment of Marysol

Lea's Cruel Treatment of Marysol

Ana explains why she tried to step in and defend Marysol.

“The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents.” -Salvador Dali

This episode reminded me of so many old adages: “nothing ventured, nothing gained,” “every person is a door to a different world,” “hindsight is 20/20,” and one of my favorites, which is not exactly an adage, but rather an old Indian prayer proudly displayed upon a wall above my family’s kitchen table growing up which read: “Do not criticize thy neighbor until you have walked one mile in his moccasins.”

Watching this show as an observer and not a participant was easier than I expected. While interconnected, each of us is forging our own path and embarking on our own journey. Joanna and Romain’s scene on the beach was fraught with the danger of impending doom. But it’s their journey and while there’s a lot of water under my personal bridge, it is neither my place to judge, nor my battle to wage.  I hope that for their sake they face the realities of their relationship and make the necessary changes before it is too late.

Karent’s scene with her mom was very sad.  Despite the fact that I have been on the receiving end of her accusations, unwarranted attacks, and judgment about my parenting skills, it was painful to watch. Most women long to build a life with someone and have a family.  It saddens me to see a woman at that stage in her life possessing all of the attributes required to live a fulfilling life, yet still struggling to find her way.  I hope Karent realizes that Rodolfo is the problem and not the solution and ventures outside of the confines of that non-relationship to seek true happiness.

While I was still reeling from the empathy I was feeling for Karent, it almost entirely dissipated with the scenes that followed. I am convinced that Karent lacks any semblance of social skill. She oversteps, over-shares, overlooks, and overburdens almost everyone she comes in contact with. As far as I am concerned she went to the Art Basel event for two reasons, to steal Adriana’s joy and to gratuitously badmouth Lea. Call me crazy but my empathy is waning.

Adriana’s photo-shoot was beautiful.  Adriana is one of those people that just comes alive in front of the camera.  She is photogenic to a fault and pretty brave if you ask me.  Would I do it? Probably not. I am not the artsy type, which is code for I don’t have the balls to pose topless in front of a bunch of dudes. I feel terrible that Lisa and Lenny are experiencing such difficulty starting a family. They are such a great couple that seems to have it all except the one thing that money can’t buy. Lisa is young and healthy and I have faith that they will have a little one running around soon.

The Dali exhibit was a bit surreal. OK, it wasn’t surreal, but I couldn’t resist the pun. The gallery was packed to the gills, and it was hard to have a normal conversation let alone defend Marysol from what I considered unwarranted attacks by Lea and James. I attempted to intervene on Marysol’s behalf and realized quickly that James was not going to let this go. Cue another horse and let the beating begin.

Adriana’s very animated explanation of Karent “beating her to the tweet” was by far the most entertaining “exhibit” of the evening. While it is hard to appreciate given the limited scene, Adriana’s extremely animated Karent impression was hysterical -- as you can judge by my borderline (OK, very) exaggerated reaction. I admit that given our history, I may find Karent-mocking a little more amusing than I should.  Lisa was a bit uncomfortable with the situation and later explained that she didn’t like people talking about someone else behind their back. It was interesting to then witness her doing the same thing at the restaurant with Joanna and Karent.  Hello pot, this is kettle, you’re black.

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Karent Beat Adriana to the Tweet

Karent’s explanation that she wanted a picture with the “father of kinetic art” even though she had never heard of him or it, simply because Adriana wanted one got me thinking -- if I can convince Adriana to jump off a cliff…um, never mind. I met Marysol at Versailles to catch up and thought it was important to tell her that her business was under attack. As someone who has built and struggled to maintain a business herself, I am particularly sensitive to anyone attempting to ruin somebody’s professional reputation. Even if you think that a job (which was done pro-bono, by the way) was not up to your exceedingly high standards, continuing to discuss your dissatisfaction with everyone with whom you come in contact is just, well, cruel. Moreover, in my book, it is tantamount to bullying and not at all befitting a “philanthropist” and so-called “pillar of our community.” In fact, because of that, you have an even greater responsibility to sensor your comments to avoid causing more damage than necessary. 

There is nothing wrong with marrying a “rich guy.” It certainly relieves you of some of the concerns that plague those of us who have more limited resources with which to pay mortgages, cars, college tuition, etc. That is not to say that Lea has never supported herself or that she doesn’t have those same financial obligations. However, her lifestyle indicates that she does not live with the same pressures or concerns that perhaps someone like me or Marysol do. We depend on our reputations so that our businesses thrive and we can continue to support ourselves and those who depend on us.  There is something about Marysol that says “underdog” to me, and something about the situation with Lea and James that screams injustice. It is only natural that I try to help.

I loved the scene with my girls. I held my breath waiting for some horribly inappropriate thing to come out of Beba’s mouth and thankfully it did not! Yeah, she subtly called Rodolfo’s penis an “enchilada,” but it was very subtle. At least she didn’t call it a “chalupa,” because everyone knows chalupas are big. Sorry, couldn’t help it -- serious blogging makes me uncomfortable.

My friend Romina is much more than a stylist, she is a fashion expert and consultant, who appears regularly on CNN and interviews some of the most important designers in the world.  I do not consider myself a “fashionista,” in fact, I do not believe that can be a self-appointed title.  Someone has to dub you that in order for you to describe yourself that way. But alas, no one has. I like fashion as much as the next gal, but I am no slave to it. I think I know what works on me and my “Latina curves” and I embrace it. But Romi thinks I’m too regimented and conservative, so she urges me to think outside the box and try new looks.  It is always fun when she comes over, and this time was no exception, especially with the girls’ rendition of the tango! Ultimately, my style can’t be too boring if Kati and Beba are always trying to steal my clothes, right?The Winter Party was a new experience for the girls and me, and we loved it! There’s a feeling of freedom in the air that is hard to describe, but it was very welcoming and enjoyable. We all had a great time and Joanna danced beautifully.  I am happy that I was not part of the posse that was made privy to Joanna’s problems with Romain and the unproven accusations of some “dancer” at Mynt. It remains to be seen if there is any truth to this.
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Joanna's Sultry Performance

One thing is for sure: after Episode 4, alliances are being forged and the weakest links are being identified, but the “tribe” has not yet spoken. Tune in next week for another exciting episode of Socialite Island...
Joanna Keeps an Eye on Adriana

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