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Adriana's Continued Assault

Joanna was expecting an apology from Adriana at Lea's gala.

By Joanna Krupa

The last thing I wanted to do was attend Lea’s psychic party, since Romain and I weren't on good terms after what happened at the lingerie party from hell. When I arrived and Lea told me about her dog, my heart broke for her, because I know her dog was part of her family for 13 years and a pet is like your child. I am probably the one that understands her the most, because I love animals and fight for their protection. So when Lea told me her dog was sick, I really felt so sad for her, because I have lost dogs in my life and it’s like losing a family member. There is no one on the planet that gives you as much love and attention as a dog. When I get home from being out for a while, my dogs go crazy. Even Romain doesn't get this excited when I come home, and it shows how much unconditional love they have inside of them. That’s why until the day I die I will fight for animals and spread awareness; no one will stop me.

Lea's Poor Doggy Emergency

People can judge and say whatever they want about me, but unless they look in the mirror and are perfect, I don't really care to hear what they have to say. I am here to fight for the voiceless and defenseless, and if someone doesn't like it, that really doesn't matter to me; I will continue to do it, and I know this is my mission from God. I have been a fighter my whole life, and the reason I have accomplished what I have was a result of that. I wasn't born into a rich family, I didn’t come from a famous family, I came from nothing.

There were days I didn't know where my next meal would come from when I moved to LA to pursue my dream of being in the entertainment business. I never gave up, because I have a thick skin and learned the more you fight in life for what you want, the better chances you have of making your dreams a reality. I am proud to say I am living the American dream and I thank God every day.

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Going through tough times in life like I have gone through makes me appreciate everything I have, and that is why I will not allow people like Adriana to put me down and call me a wannabe. I am living proof that I am far from it and suffered way too much to achieve success. Maybe if she did the same, she could accomplish something in life and finally be happy instead of relying of her man to take care of her. I am so blessed to have a good friend like Karent, and that is why I will always have her back. She is a good person and everyone’s the true colors came out tonight at Lea’s Gala. Since the day I met her, I felt she didn't like me even though she didn’t know me. That’s not the way I have been raised and will never understand how you can hate someone without getting to know them. At the gala I was super upset and the only thing I wanted to do was go home and make peace with Romain. But I didn't want to be rude and not show up to Lea's important night, since I know she works so hard to make it a success each year.

I was minding my own business and staying at the table with my true friends, Lisa and Karent, when Joe had the nerve to come up to me and ask me if we could be friends. How delusional can a person be? You are spreading lies about me one night, and the next day you are asking if we can be friends? What planet does he live on?

I am a very honest person, but I do not allow people to slander my name and lie about my character. If I slept with the guy, I would surely admit to it; we all make mistakes when we are young and stupid. But I didn't and don't understand why he's so obsessed with me now and trying to be my friend. And instead of Adriana focusing on her own table that night, it seems all she was doing was bad mouthing me, once again showing her true colors. I was expecting her to come up to me and try to apologize for physically assaulting me, instead she continues to verbally assault me that night at Lea's charity event. If I am wrong, I always take responsibility and move on without holding grudges. But Adriana, since the moment she met me, obviously didn’t like me, and now it’s all coming out.

Adriana's Trash Talk

For those people who like to judge me when I was challenged by others, blaming it on the fact that I had a few drinks, well, doesn't everyone have bad nights? Is everyone ‘s life a perfect road with no bumps? My fiancé happens to have a nightclub, and he is the first one to laugh when people drink and say things they don't even mean.My personal problems with Romain remain personal, and like every couple in the world, we get through them. I would be acting fake if I were to pretend we are always living a dream. The main reason for my drinking was because I caught him mentally cheating on me. We talked about it, but guys, it isn't easy to get past it, and yes, some champagne definitely helps me to release the pain.

These hard times with Romain are what make us normal, average people; the difference, and something I take so much pride in, is that we don't hide it from anyone. Sharing these hard and painful moments is something I hope will help everyone. We are not superficial or fake, pretending things are wonderful when they are not.

Romain’s own words : "Every day is a happy day in Wonderland, my dear… Have  a drink."

Crying and Feuding
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