Hurricane Sandy and Adriana's Brutality

Hurricane Sandy and Adriana's Brutality

Joanna is much more concerned with the hurricane than the drama from Lisa's party.

As I sit here in my New York City hotel room stuck due to cancelled flights, watching this terrifying and devastating Hurricane Sandy on the news, my thoughts and prayers go to the families affected by this catastrophe

At this point, my initial post about the nasty scumbag whose name I will never mention again and Adriana's brutal physical attack on me that was caught on film for the entire world to see becomes irrelevant. There are millions of people directly affected by this storm, not to mention family and friends all the world over who are worried about their loved ones in Sandy's path. This storm is truly having a global impact, and this is where our thoughts and energies are needed now.

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It also gives me great satisfaction to see on the news reports that some good was learned from Katrina and provisions have been made at many shelters to accommodate pets. I pray that Sandy passes quickly and that people pay attention to the officials’ warnings, take shelter, and stay out of harm's way...

I won't lie I am scared like a little 5-year-old child, because I have never experienced a hurricane.

God bless,


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