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Thomas Kramer or Obama?

Joanna doesn't understand all the fuss over being invited to Thomas Kramer's house.

By Joanna Krupa

It’s really hard to watch two people that I truly love to be in a situation where they just can't see eye to eye. I don't know where it went wrong, but I have a pretty good feeling it has more to do with me and Romain than anything else. I know Romain loves Marta, wants her to succeed, and have whatever kind of life and career she wants, but he feels that I have babied her too much since I helped raise her. In a way I feel I’m her mother, and it’s not healthy. I need to cut the umbilical cord and let her be an adult so she can find her way. She knows that no matter what I will always be there, and at the end of the day, even if she’s not best friends with Romain at the moment, I know he has her best interest at heart and would do anything for her if she needs it. The three of us are going through a big bump in the road at the moment, but in my heart I believe everything will be OK one way or another.

When Marta told me she wanted to move out, it made me emotional because we have lived together since we were little. When Romain came into this relationship, he also adopted a family. My mom and sister both live with me in Los Angeles and Marta stays with us whenever she wants when I am in Miami. He never really had the option to have a problem with it, because I never asked him, but that is what I love about him; he has never had any issues with my family living with us and me being so close to them. To be honest, if it was the other way around and his mom and brother lived with us, I don't know if I would be OK with it haha! But let’s just thank god that’s not the situation.

I don't have to worry about that, but I do worry about Marta and Romain finding peace with each other eventually. Marta moving out will give us the space we need to work on our own relationship and move forward from here and be happy like we used to be. Marta has good intuition, so I am hoping she is right about this decision.Poor, poor Karent! How did she become a “wannabe?” I’m confused as to why Adriana said that. If anyone is a wannabe here, it’s Adriana. Posing topless in a pool for a gallery shoot which never got used anyway and was the smallest photo in the gallery? Come on. Karent is a wonderful dentist and has celebrity friends, so why not have a publicist to help her network and meet new people for her business? I think Adriana and some of the other girls are just jealous of her success and beauty –- not to mention she did this all on her own without a man’s help. The others just can't get over it. There is a reason why Karent is successful and has what she has. People need to stop hating, because they only look bad in the process. They should respect that she had so much success as a gorgeous woman and leave her and her relationship alone. If she wants to find out if he's cheating or not, she will do the digging herself and eventually the truth will come out. But some of these women are not her true friends, and it’s getting a bit old talking about it over and over again. Karent seems to be happy with the way her relationship is going, and it’s her decision what she wants to do and no one else's.  I just wish Karent would put these women in their place and stand up for herself, because otherwise I will have to stand up for my friend soon!

And why are the girls fighting over who should be invited to Thomas Kramer's like he's Obama or something? Obviously some of these women are not busy enough in their everyday life and find the pettiest things to argue about rather than focusing on the real reason we are at the Hearts and Stars Gala -- CHARITY!

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