More Karent's Mom! - Ep 4

More Karent's Mom! - Ep 4

Between Elsa and Lucero, the Miami moms are becoming the stars of the show.

Two weeks, no Elsa. There's a serious drought in Miami. The only thing that makes up for this is the fact that Elsa will be doing some sort of sexy dance next week.

And although we were Elsa-less, we did have tweet battles, some serious smack talk from a drag queen, and big gay dance routine from Joanna. So some subtle diversions.

Romain and Joanna have a beach-side heart-to-heart about the Mynt drama, and Romain threatens to leave her if she has any more outbursts. More interesting however was when the Adriana flirting came up. Joanna was pretty peeved, but Romain kind of laughed it off saying that guys always hit on her, so it was nice to get some attention for once. Honestly I had to feel for him a little bit. Dating a supermodel does, contrary to what you might think, have it's problems.

Prediction: Joanna's going to hold a slow burn grudge against Adriana.

There's something about Miami moms...I just can't get enough! We got to spend a little more quality time with Karent's mom, Lucero. First off, she's a lush according to Karent. I love a mom who loves wine (cough, cough, Maggie Griffin). And then she launches into a mini tirade against Rodolfo. Karent was devastated when they had split previously, and mama bear Lucero hasn't forgiven him since. Karent just wants the picture perfect family! I feel for her, because who can't relate to dating a non-committal guy?

Prediction: More Lucero to come! And continued Rodolfo relationship woes.Adriana reveals the fruits of her sexy photo shoot to the art world (and Lea and Karent) -- Adriana's Pandora's Box. I would have thought the artist would have gone a little less..well...suggestive with the title, especially since he didn't go with one of the topless shots. But luckily Lea made the joke, so let's just leave it at that.

While perusing the gallery with Karent, Adriana comes across a famous artist who specializes in kinetic art. (I have to say, it was pretty cool!) After taking a photo with him to tweet to her followers, Karent jumps in for a photo and then the unthinkable happens -- SHE BEATS HER TO THE TWEET. Yes, you read that correctly. Karent totally took down Adriana in a wild west style tweet out. Oh snap. Don't mess with a Housewife and her Twitter, because that is a clear sign of war.

Karent's Inappropriate Photo

Prediction: Some angry, angry hashtags coming from @adrianathereal.The ladies then take in some serious culture at a Dali exhibit, where Lisa proclaims she could draw one of them herself and Lenny chuckles saying absolutely not.

Cut to Lea and Elaine talking about the Marysol incident. Alexia and Ana immediately show their support for Team Marysol, and in fact Alexia's reaction is to just bounce. I kind of thought that was a little extreme -- why not at least walk away and enjoy the art? Ana stays to defend her friend and Lea tries to extricate herself from the situation.

Prediction: Marysol vs. Lea and/or Elaine confrontation is imminent.

From one dish-fest to another -- Adriana gives the girls her best Karent impression and explains why she didn't invite her to tonight's event. And thus we come back to "She Beat Me to the Tweet" 2012. I love that those words echoed throughout Miami as we pan away from the gallery.
Show Highlight
Karent Beat Adriana to the Tweet

Prediction: After all the badmouthing, an Adriana/Karent talk is sure to happen any moment now.Side Note: I'm really into Lisa's new drama warning sign.

Another episode, another Joanna/Romain scandal! This time Joanna got a call at 4 am that Romain was making out with a Mynt dancer. Again, come on! If you're dating Joanna Krupa, would you even be remotely interested in getting frisky with another woman? Seems unlikely to me and Romain says it's completely ridiculous when Joanna confronts him. I have to believe Romain on this one -- they're too beautiful as a couple to break up.
Joanna's 4am Phone Call

Prediction: I think they'll make it past all of this. And I have to imagine this kind of stuff is par for the course for a club owner.

Next week it looks like there's some tension brewing between Joanna and Adriana.
Joanna Keeps an Eye on Adriana
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