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Lisa's Button-Pushing Behavior

Marysol doesn't think Lisa should have gotten involved in her discussion with Lea.

By Marysol Patton

This episode was particularly interesting for me to watch as I see people twisting the truth to save face.

My days are quite busy with running my PR firm, The Patton Group, and caring for my mother. No matter how busy I am, I would never miss Alexia’s actual birthday so I ran quickly to her office to bring her a gift. Alexia and I had just received Adriana’s wedding invitation and were so confused that we had to actually do a costume change between the ceremony and the reception. I love the idea of a theme wedding, but changing ensembles in an unfamiliar venue seemed like torture to me.

Our girlfriend Lauren Foster invites me and Adriana to the Miami Institute for Age Management to get much needed vitamin I.V.’s. Between the stress of mom’s health and work, I’m exhausted and cranky and need something to bring me back to my center. Since Adriana was hooked up to an I.V. machine and unable to escape, I took the opportunity to try to convince her to NIX the costume changes at the wedding. That went over like a lead balloon, and I was dismissed instantly.

[video_clip_url:]I found the meeting between Lea and Alexia regarding Lea completely ignoring the fact that mom has been at death’s door ridiculous. Lea knows the truth and that will weigh on her conscience, not mine. I don’t need to convince anyone of the truth.

At Alexia’s birthday party I asked her if she minded that I speak with Lea and give her the opportunity to explain why she had ignored mom for two plus months. Alexia felt it was a good idea to clear the air and said she was fine with it. When I went to speak to Lea, I was shocked that she looked straight at me and lied. This started to get me upset and I had no choice but to call her out. Her behavior was very odd the way she ran away, her body language was saying something very different than what was coming out of her mouth.   [video_clip_url:]Lisa jumped into a conversation that she knew nothing about and was really pushing my buttons. She does not know my mother and she certainly did not know the relationship Lea had with my mother. Lisa also has not been by my side for 2.5 months straight to know that day after day not a note, nor a call, nor flowers were ever received by anyone in my family on behalf of Lea. My mother, father, and brother will be the first ones to tell the world that that is the honest truth.[video_clip_url:]

Do I care that Lea did not send anything? No, because I know who she is and it’s not a shocker. Am I upset that she is lying about it and many other things? YES.

Today I’m really happy and grateful my mom is home and safe. I have made peace in my heart and mind with everything unpleasant that occurred so many months ago.Tune in next week for more drama and shenanigans. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @Marysolpatton, on Instagram: Marysolpatton, and Facebook: Marysol Patton.[video_clip_url:]

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