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Siggy Flicker: My Kids and I Made a Huge Breakthrough

Siggy talks about the challenges of being the disciplinarian when it comes to her kids.

By Siggy Flicker
Siggy Flicker Lays Down the Law

Missing Italy, but it feels so good to be back in Jersey! Michael and I are settled back into our daily lives, feeling refreshed and renewed, and my Sophie came home from camp this weekend. Despite the crazy heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing in the Garden State, LIFE IS GOOD!

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This week’s episode of RHONJ was an emotional one for me to watch. Not only did I cry watching my interaction with my children, it was difficult for me to see my puffy face on TV -- OMG, I looked like the Elephant Man! It took a while for the swelling to go down after my facelift, and I’m thankful that’s all over with. Now, let’s move on to more important things …

I think that my kids and I made a huge breakthrough during our trip to the diner. I’ve been really doing my best to tone down the talking and listen more to what Josh and Sophie have to say. However, there certainly won’t be any caving on my end when it comes to my parenting beliefs and doling out some tough love when necessary.

Even though my ex-husband, Mark, and I get along very well (in case you didn’t already know, he was the Best Man in my wedding to Michael), being divorced parents isn’t easy. I’m sure many single moms can relate to the fact that, since the kids spend the majority of their time in my home, I find myself being the main disciplinarian and the one who gets to do most of the parental “dirty work.” Mark wants to enjoy the time he has with them, so there aren’t chores and many rules at his home, which I honestly can’t blame him for. Because of this, I find myself often being the “bad guy.” If that’s the way it has to be for now, so be it. Here’s hoping one day Josh and Sophie will understand where I’m coming from and appreciate everything that I’ve done for them.

When my children are parents one day, l have confidence that that they’ll understand why I’ve taken phones away and prohibited them from doing certain things they think are “cool” at this age. To me, a good education is the most important thing; hanging out with your friends and knowing what they’re doing every second of each day is NOT going to get them into a good college. I want my children to be independent and not rely on anyone else for money or security; making schoolwork a priority is the key to making this happen. Being a parent is finding the fine line between letting our kids figure things out for themselves, but also not wanting them to make the same “mistakes” we’ve made along the way. I’m still learning; we’re always learning.  

Here’s to continual self-improvement and being the best we can be.



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