Dancing With the Wives

Dancing With the Wives

Caroline recounts the dance class controversy, and weighs in on the drama surrounding Danielle.

Well, well, well...interesting show, don't you think? I don't even know where to start!

I love watching Teresa's girls, it was so cute to watch them move into their new home and seeing their new rooms. I agree with Teresa when she said that she could replay that moment over and over in her mind, as nothing in the world is better than watching your children in moments of true happiness. How about Gia?! Did you see her organizing her clothes? I can't even stand it - I just wanted to bite her face...too cute!

Watching Dina prepare Lexi for her trip to Greece was hysterical. Truth be told, that was nothing, you should have seen Dina the two weeks Lexi was gone...and we won't even discuss the few days leading up to her departure. Can you say basket case?

Lexi enjoyed herself and was able to see first hand where her father and his family came from. I think that's fantastic.

OK, the dance lessons...OMG, really?! I must admit that my statement regarding Dancing with the Stars and the award was a little snide, but God help me, you had to be there, trust me it was beyond ridiculous. However, despite the nonsense, everyone had a great time, and it will remain a good memory for all. I was happy to see the kids take part in the lessons, as it is something that I would never do. I don't dance, and it isn't something I'm particularly comfortable doing. However, I do push my kids to try new things and not be intimidated. I guess this night was a typical "Do as I say and not as I do" thing...crazy, I know, but I am very aware of my insecurities, and BALLROOM DANCING is one of them!

Hmm, as for the conversation between Jacqueline and Danielle, I have no comment just yet. WATCH AND SEE...

As for Danielle...is anybody drinking her Kool Aid???

As always, thanks for watching, and I will talk to all of you again next week!

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