Family First

Family First

Danielle explains why her kids are the only people she can trust.

I want to thank everyone who approaches me with kindness and concern. I wish I could tell each and every one of you what a great comfort you have all been to me. I love all of you for making me feel as though I am not alone and that you are on this journey with me. I have been out and about with my children a lot and the outpouring of love and respect towards my girls and myself has been an incredible help to me. Thank you from the depths of my heart!

I love the comments from fans in public and on the blogs about how wonderful my children are. I'm so glad the world gets to see how great my kids are! They are my world!

Rock climbing on this week's episode was awesome! My girls and I have very busy schedules during the school year. Both of my children are in honors classes and have dance four times a week, and Christine also has soccer and year-round track. We are very busy! Rock climbing is our summer sport at the Rock Gym. I absolutely love all sports with my children and I think they help me to stay fit. My kids are definitely my inspiration for many of my athletic endeavors, plus they are tons of fun to be around. I think in viewing this week's episode I should keep my list of friends limited to my children. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but it seems they are the only ones I can truly trust. They are my only family.

I felt so good to open my home to the ladies for the spa party. I was so very excited to share with them all the amenities that I was able to provide. My good friend Jane Ruffo (who was there with the hydra facial) and Mary (who brought the Perfector machine) were the ones who helped me put the evening together. Jane, whom I have known for over 15 years, was kind enough to set up my Billiard room to make it look like a spa. She also reached out to a friend of hers (the plastic surgeon) and provided all the Botox and lip injections. Jane and her husband have been friends of mine for a decade and a half, and they were kind enough to provide the Botox and lip injections at no cost. I am so happy to have friend like Jane who was willing to set aside time and effort to help make my party special. I do not have a plastic surgeon at all. The only thing I have ever had done are my boobies, and they are ten years old now and will soon need to be replaced, but it is not something that I am concerned about at all, I promise you that. The first time I met the doctor was when he arrived at my home that evening. Thank you so much for coming to my house and thank you for providing all you did for all of us to enjoy. A very special thanks to my friend Jane Ruffo for coming to my home and setting up such a beautiful party. You are an amazing woman and someone I am proud to call a friend.

I was really upset that one of the ladies (no name needed) thought it necessary to cut me down in my own home. It hurt a lot and I don't think it was needed, especially after all I went through to provide a nice night for everyone.

All in all I thought it was a ton of fun and everyone did seem to have a nice time. I saw a side of Caroline I really enjoyed. She is pretty funny, and I have to say she looks great and she really is all natural. But her description of what we were doing to our faces positively cracked me up! Thanks for the laughs on that one Caroline.

Teresa and Jacqueline, thanks for participating and enjoying yourselves. I am so happy we had those laughs! Thank you to all the ladies for coming!

I am sorry if I was the reason why anyone did not enjoy their dinner on our triple date. I felt at odds and needed friends. I guess sometimes I should keep my problems to myself, but I felt safe discussing them with my girlfriends. In fact, at one point I even forgot the cameras were there. I made a reference to a certain part of my body and it was meant in a joking way. Sometimes I do have to learn to curb my enthusiasm.

I apologize again for ruining Jacqueline's and Teresa's day together. In my defense I was just looking for a friend to talk to, and I thought they loved me enough to care about what I was going through, but apparently I was just intruding. I felt bad finding out about how they felt, I did but at least now I know.

As for the "rumors" about me - OMG, does anyone have anything better to do than to spread rumors about me?! I don't get it. But I can promise you this- I have no interest in anyone's husband. I didn't even want my own. Truth be told, when my husband cheated on me, it caused some of the worst pain I have ever felt and it was the worst betrayal ever! I would never do that to another woman and her family. No man is worth that to me. I actually dated someone for nearly a year and I ended it when I found out that before dating me, he had dated a married woman for several years. This rumor in particular is extremely hurtful to me and causes me so much pain I cannot even describe.

Thank you for reading - see you next week.


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