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In All Our Blazing Glory

Dina shares her thoughts on the dramatic NJ series premiere!

By Dina Manzo

Hello All,
I first want to say a quick thank you to all the Housewives fans who have reached out to me with such kind words and generous support of Project Ladybug. This foundation is truly my life’s passion and is a huge reason why I decided to do this crazy show in the first place. So a HUGE thank you to all of you!!! XOXO.

Even Mother Teresa would look like a jerk in at least one of the shows.

How to Watch

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 premiere May 5th at 8/7c on Bravo and stream next day on Peacock.

Next I would like to thank Bravo for this opportunity to blog. If you are true Housewives fan as I am, you will know that each and every housewife has what I like to call her “asshole” episode. You know what I am talking about people. Even Mother Teresa would look like a jerk in at least one of the shows. I am grateful that we at least have the chance to explain ourselves! LOL.

So with that said, here it goes...

Episode 1. Well, here are in all of our blazing glory, The Jersey Girls. We are, in fact, a rare breed. We say what’s on our mind and make no apologies for it. I think it’s refreshing. I have a good friend that has lived in many parts of the country, and when she moved here to Jersey we became very close. She told me what she loved so much about living here is that “you never have to worry what a Jersey girl is thinking, 'cause usually they're going to let you know." I think I quoted her in the show at one point. She couldn’t be more on target, and I think it’s refreshing.

As far as this first episode is concerned, a few things pop into my head.
1) I DID NOT leave my car parked in that handicapped parking spot! I had to run inside and I immediately had the car moved. I made sure of it. I made the mistake of doing that once when I was younger when my baby was asleep in the car and I was waiting for my co-worker to come outside and give me my paycheck. A lovely police officer ripped me a new one for it and from that day on I am ultra-sensitive when I see blue lines on pavement.

We are in fact a very warm welcoming family that would give the shirts off our “bubbies” to someone in need!

2) I am well aware of the fact that I do not have "balls" to sweat off. It is a figure of speech that I must have picked up from growing up with 6 brothers. I will be very careful not to use that phrase anymore...especially to my daughter! LOL. Oooopppsss!

3) My sister Caroline is a very tiny girl in real life. She just happens to have a huge rack.

4) I can’t agree AT ALL with my sister-in-law Jacqueline when she says that we are a hard family to come into. We are in fact a very warm welcoming family that would give the shirts off our “bubbies” to someone in need!

5) I would like to defend my precious daughter Lexi for saying she would “hate if I were a fat old mom." She was thinking what any 12-year-old fashionista in training would think...she couldn’t steal my clothes if I weren’t close to her size. She is in the process of making up t-shirts that say, “I love fat old Moms." Gotta love her!

6) And finally, unlike my sister Caroline, I happen to LIKE you before I DON'T like you. But once you piss me off, good luck getting back in my good graces. You will have to watch and see what I mean by that!

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