Attitude Adjustment

Attitude Adjustment

Alex recaps the fashion show throwdown and questions Ashley's motives behind the hair pull.


I’m determined not to fall behind on episodes, so here we go down interstate 95 to Franklin Lakes, and what stood out for me this week ... I’m not sure how funny this installment is going to be because frankly, the episode wasn’t funny – more quietly disturbing than anything else.

Topic number one was the aftermath of the fashion show confrontation and hair-pulling incident. My opinion is based on what we’ve all seen on the show – I specifically haven’t asked for further details from the ladies when I’ve seen them.

Unless something was cut out, I really don’t see how Ashley could have thought that her mother was being attacked – seems to me more of a convenient excuse to try and deflect her own behavior. Nobody deserves to have hair extensions yanked out. Is it worthy of pressing charges for assault? Eh, debatable. Is Danielle within her rights to do so? Yes. Will Ashley learn a lesson? I certainly hope so. We haven’t seen any indication of that yet based on her conversations with Caroline, Jacqueline and Derek. I really hope for her sake that her attitude changes and her underlying anger lessens. She mentioned to Derek that her mother keeps bringing the incident up – I’m sure the reason is that Jacqueline hasn’t gotten through to her.

Ultimately? No one walked out of that fashion show with clean hands. Danielle was rude during the show. Teresa started something by waiting for Danielle, and flew off the handle with the "don't call me honey" comment and the jab about her house being in foreclosure, and Jacqueline may as well have had popcorn on the sidelines, then stood in front of the car like a matador staring down a bull. These girls are all scrappy and no one is afraid of a fight. I wish Danielle would just admit that she loves the confrontation too – the "oh poor me" business is getting boring. I tend to think that at the moment of the hair pulling, Danielle had to be doing an internal dance that she had "won" by getting a rise out of Ashley.



Did anyone else see the look on Christine’s face when Danielle was getting into the boxing practice? Knowing how to defend yourself against a mugger or rapist is a good thing, and I’ve taken those classes too. It got a little much for me when Danielle was shouting Teresa’s and Jacqueline’s names while punching.

More cute family scenes from the Giudice family – at least the little girls weren’t shouting out the names of kids on the playground when they threw their punches and kicks, so they are ahead of the game there. Glad to see Albie got his letter and has a plan; if he gets into school in California, Caroline will get to work on her tan!

I have to finish soon to play outside with two children advancing on the office with whiffleball and cricket bats. However before I do that, let’s talk about blonde women named Kim. Kim D. didn’t bug me this week, but Kim G.??? Wow. She has a lovely face and beautiful eyes, and hopefully has good intentions notwithstanding a clear desire for airtime. That’s about the best I can say for her. Why on earth is she playing both sides? Does she seriously think she can accompany Danielle to file charges against Ashley, and then show up to support Jacqueline? Is she going to dash between the two sides of the courtroom like a Keystone cop in a purple knit hat to testify as a witness for Danielle, then hold Jacqueline’s hand? Stay tuned for more on that ... in the meantime, if you’re going to be in the Asbury Park area this weekend, come to the Bodega Shoppe on Saturday the 24th where Simon and I will be signing books, and don’t forget about Facebookand Twitter.

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