Bring on the Brain Bleach

Bring on the Brain Bleach

Real Housewives of New York City's Alex McCord wants to see more ham fights and less Danielle drama.

Boyfriends, modeling, arguments and a side of laundry. Oh, and chuckies. Gotta love the NJ girls and their bubbies and chuckies.

Christine is gorgeous, and I remember seeing the cover of the Daily at a fashion show, thinking to myself, "Who is that beautiful girl?" and opening the magazine to see it was Danielle’s daughter. Good for her, congrats and I wish her a long and fruitful career. Hopefully she and her mom will iron out the "Danielle wants to be there for every moment of this," vs. "Christine wants to spread her wings" tension we all saw, because otherwise somebody's going to blow and it won’t be pretty.

Teresa is almost ready to pop, and can't stop talking about sex while Caroline and Jacqueline get a mental picture of it over their salads – oh, that cracked me up. Beware the puffy chuckie. Similarly Albie can't quite wrap his head around thinking that when Lauren and Vito are alone, something more than hand-holding might be going on. Oh, the faces ... I am absolutely loving the cutaways where everyone is one step away from screaming, "Bring on the brain bleach!!"

Laundry. Wow. I cannot believe that Ashley arrived at her mom's house with a garbage bag of laundry, and expected her to put down the baby and do it. Yes, 18 year olds can get into bars and when they date 22 year olds it's that much easier, but if you come into your mother's house and announce this, you'd better expect raised voices and a lecture on designated drivers at the very least... Good on Jacqueline for sending her AND the soiled separates away.

Gia goes for a casting and is pretty damned adorable, and the Manzo kids have a thwarted ham fight. Christine shoots her Daily cover (a little Real Housewives cross-over with Kelly's ex-husband Gilles Bensimon behind the camera) and again we see tension in Christine's face, particularly when Mom gets up on the set with her. There's a reason why photographers and art directors sometimes want to keep the Mom busy, so the model has a chance to let loose.

So now we're onto the Danielle vs everyone else drama and I’m wondering whether the whole season is going to be about this fight. We've lived through that on our show with the Jill/Bethenny situation, though there weren't any court cases or kidnapping or people calling each other garbage. Here's my thought. Most of this conflict feels forced – it blew up so crazily last year that these ladies are never going to be friends. So why bother? Why save two extra seats at a luncheon for people who are not going to come no matter what? Why have all these stilted scenes about not wanting to be together? And my biggest question, why are there multiple women named Kim at the lunch? Was anyone else confused by that? Didn't we see short haired Kim last week being two faced, then a longer haired Kim this week stating that "she's not Caroline's friend?" I don’t know, but so far I want to see more moms jumping into photo shoots and uncomfortable pauses over people's sex lives and hairless cats and flying ham ... and less empty chairs at tables and people sitting down to tell others whom to spend time with. From a somewhat dispassionate perspective, I enjoy watching both camps on TV – they don't have to mix!

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