Ciao Baby!

Ciao Baby!

Caroline recaps her trip to Italy and explains why she hates cruises.

Ciao! Come stai? (How are you)?

So, what did you think of our trip to Italy? So far so good? It was quite an experience for sure. Traveling with such a large group is never easy, especially with so many little ones and all of their cargo. I remember those days well and sympathize with all of you who are going through that phase now. It’s never easy but children grow, and this too shall pass.

I got such a kick out of watching our parents on the screen. Not only were my parents there, but Jacqueline’s, Teresa’s, and Joe’s parents were all there as well. What a crew! It was wonderful having them all along, and I have to admit, they were troopers. We covered a lot of ground in just a few days, and they kept up with the pace. Hugs and kisses to you all… xoxoxo

I need to address the babysitting scene. Teresa wanted to give her parents a break, and quite frankly, I understand where she was coming from. The trip was exhausting to say the very least, and even though they were there to babysit they needed some down time too. The girls were tired and cranky, and so was I! (Just as a side note, I was suffering with kidney stones throughout the entire trip, so my mood was far from pleasant. I actually spent the entire night before we left in the hospital hooked up to an IV in the hopes of flushing them out. No such luck. So my three kidney stones and I went on a trip to Italy together!) I’m glad you got to see a side of Albert that I know and love very well. He is tremendous with kids. He’s like a giant teddy bear, and kids love him. He will be one amazing grandpa, that I can guarantee.

Venice was freezing! Al and I had just been in July with the kids and it was nearly 100 degrees outside. I am determined to go when the weather is normal! April maybe? September?

In any event, Venice is one of those places that you have to put on your “bucket list." It’s absolutely magnificent. There is so much history there, and the architecture is something out of a fairytale. But take my advice, don’t go in February or July! LOL.

How about that ship? It was GIGANTIC! I have to say that Costa Cruise Line runs an impressive operation. The ship was immaculate, the service was outstanding, and the crew very polite and helpful. There’s only one problem, I hate cruises!

This has no bearing on the line, or the ship. This is all about me. I feel trapped. I find it frustrating to be on the water looking at land and wishing I could be there checking it all out.

That’s just my crazy head; I know there are millions of people out there that love to cruise. If you do, I highly recommend Costa Cruise Lines.

Next week we hit Naples, get ready! Ciao baby!


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