Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Caroline describes the events that transpired between her family and Danielle at The Brownstone benefit.


I don’t even know where to start, I don’t even know what to say, I’m completely speechless.

Although there were other scenes besides the benefit at The Brownstone, I will only be commenting on the charity event.

Let's revert back to last week when Albert told me that Danielle would be attending the dinner at The Brownstone. I knew something was wrong, something wasn’t making sense.

I just couldn’t understand how a family that we’ve known for many years could ask Danielle to be the guest of honor and present a check on such an important evening, and of all places, The Brownstone! As it turns out, Danielle was asked to come and support the event in the same capacity as the other 500 guests in the room. At the time I thought the family had a relationship with Danielle, and I wasn’t about to cause a problem for them in any way, shape, or form. I decided to step back, “allowing” Danielle to go to the event, and stay away from The Brownstone that evening as a precautionary measure so as not to provoke a problem by my presence. There was no guest of honor request, and there was no check to be presented. The simple fact was that Danielle was asked to buy a table and support the cause. JUST LIKE THE OTHER 500 PEOPLE IN THE ROOM. The father of the child had no knowledge of the relationship the Manzos have with Danielle. This is an important fact … If we were going around town threatening, stalking, and talking about Danielle, wouldn’t this man have known? Do you think he would have allowed any kind of situation to unfold on such an important evening? This is a man that we’ve known for many years. HE HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF ANY ISSUES BETWEEN THE MANZOS AND DANIELLE. We later found out that Danielle requested a meeting with this man, not he with her. She found him. Interesting… .


As I watched the show it became increasingly obvious to me that Danielle’s intent was to cause a scene at The Brownstone. From the very beginning.

1. Let's go back to the scene where Kim G. tells Danielle that Christopher may be at the Valet station when they arrive. Danielle plants a seed, saying, “Really, maybe we’ll be turned away at the door.”

2. Upon arriving in the Bentley, Danielle makes a statement that Christopher saw the Bentley and is running away. Again, antagonistic remark, planting seeds.

3. The biggest disgrace of them all – THINK BACK. Look at how SINCERE Danielle appeared when greeting Christopher. Thank you for allowing me into YOUR HOME for such a wonderful cause … CALCULATING.

4. Then we have her interview where she blatantly states that it was her intention from the very beginning, her F-U to my son, MY SON to make him watch her walk into HIS HOUSE … and it felt good.

5. As Kim and Danielle entered the ballroom they were laughing at how Christopher “ran away” from them. Think back – in my conversation with Jacqueline and Teresa, I told them that I asked Christopher not to engage in any conversation with her. He was doing what I asked him to do. I will say that I am proud of the way Christopher handled himself. He was professional, and a gentleman. I would expect nothing less from him.

6. Let's talk about Christopher’s “surprise” comment. Again, sorry to be redundant, but think back – Christopher explained to Kim G that they were overdressed for the event in front of the building, before they walked in the door. He made it very clear what he meant by “a big surprise.” I found Danielle’s interview to be interesting … how could she comment on how Christopher enunciated “big surprise” when she wasn’t even there?


7. The Entourage. Why? Why would you bring that many people, unannounced? How dare you subject everyone in that room to the chaos that ensued due to your actions? I’m not even going to comment on who they were, or where they came from. Danielle was proud to be “with them.” Enough said.

8. Think back – Danielle made it a point to go to as many people as she could to state that she was there with a group of “protectors” ensuring the fact that no one was going to mess with her or throw her out. The very first people she mentioned this to were Emanuela’s mother and father – again, planting a seed.

9. Now let's talk about the table situation. Think back – she was told that she was seated at “The Preakness” table. THERE WAS A SEAT FOR HER. There were no seats for her entourage, people that Danny arranged to “escort” her into the building. These people were unexpected, did not pay, and had no tickets. Again, CALCULATED … Danielle made a grand entrance with them, making a statement, that she was “protected." She then proceeded to tell anyone that would listen that her “guests” did not have a table and the Manzos intentionally did it. NOTE – even though these people had not paid, came unannounced, and clearly looking for trouble, a table was set up for them and they were accommodated. Danielle chose to ignore that fact. Think back – do you remember Danny saying he went down into the office and told them to put a f’ing table up? He then stated that they were up there scurrying around putting the table up. He never went down to the office, that was a lie. What isn’t a lie is the fact that a table was put up for them.

10. The most disgusting part of this for me was watching Danielle laughing at “the guys” as they argued with the hosts of the event, causing an absolute commotion, saying, “This is how they rolled.” I was repulsed to see her laughing and posing for pictures while in the background on the television screen there was a huge photo of baby Emanuela. It turned my stomach.


11. The conversation between Danny and Danielle on the balcony, again, think back. He clearly asked her what she wanted him to do, her response was, whatever you want, just don’t hurt the family of the child. What???? WHAT!!!! She then laughed and said you’re pretty fired up. His response was something to the effect that he was going to F the place up. Let me ask you, what kind of person says that? What kind of person would give the green light to cause physical damage to a building, not to mention, the possibility of hurting innocent patrons, people that are gathered there to support a family in crisis.

12. Danielle then went to someone and said that they were going to leave with “dignity” before something happened. Think back – she said she was thrown out. No one threw her out. NO ONE.

13. Upon leaving The Brownstone, Danielle mentioned to Danny that Christopher said they were in for a surprise. He then proceeded to say that WE were in for a surprise, calling the Manzos punks. How interesting that he didn’t have the guts to say it to anyone’s face. Danny then goes outside and leaves Danielle alone in the lobby. Again, THINK BACK – did you notice her face? She was loving every single minute … EVERY SINGLE MINUTE.

14. Just in case you missed it, when Kim G told Danny that our sons were friends he said something that was bleeped out. Do you know what that was? He called Christopher a FAGGOT, twice. Again, THINK BACK to last year when Danielle was so offended by Joe’s “gay” remark. She allowed my son to be called a faggot with malicious intent and said nothing. NOTHING. I don’t even know what to say about the 30 to life (?) remark and face that went along with it. Danielle was so proud and amused. I wasn’t.

15. Finally, did you notice Danielle’s face when driving off? It clearly looked to me like a person whose mission was accomplished.


As we go into week six, I need to point out one very significant fact. Week after week you have heard Danielle say how she needs protection against us. Again, for the record, I’ve never threatened anyone in my life. For the last time, THINK BACK – Danielle has made direct threats to each and every one of us, starting last season at the reunion show and continuing to this very day.

I need to close with one final thought – my sincerest apologies to baby Emanuela and her family. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask those of you who are reading this to visit Emanuela’s website - www.emanuelasheartforhope.com. This foundation was launched to help the Stillianasis family with the financial burden of Emanuelas medical bills. I’m thrilled to say that Emanuela is in remission, but she has a long road ahead of her in strengthening her immune system to what it once was. The Stillianasis family recognizes that they have been blessed with the support of many, and want to build this foundation in the hopes of helping other families in need.

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