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Hate Crimes

Danielle talks about Ashley's Facebook page of haters, Danny's gay slur, and her upcoming single!

By Danielle Staub


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Teresa, Teresa, Teresa, I don’t know how hard I can be on you. But I do have to ask you to start to pay attention to the state laws. Asking your daughter if she had her seatbelt on, and telling Gia to put her seatbelt on are two different things. So kindly, for the safety of your children make them click it. And as a mother be sure they’ve done so. I’m not so sure why you still feel it necessary for you to not just own exactly what you are, a stage mom. Nothing wrong with it, but I can see some of the parents you were speaking with were quite annoyed with you, i.e. eyes rolling.

Teresa, one more thing – Andy Cohen was very clear when he said at the reunion that he was offended and I think it was more because you were defending your husband’s gay slur. I am not defending Danny, and I was harsh with Danny. And I will repeat, loudly, and crystal clear without a Jersey accent - I am a gay advocate. All of you need to lay off the fact that somebody used a gay slur that I consider extremely offensive. Start paying attention to what’s going on in your own lives.

Jacqueline. I don’t even know where to begin or what to say. One, Ashley did not deny that she made a hate page, or that she was attacking me on Facebook. The post you saw was the mildest one (editing). Even her own boyfriend thought that it was a bit much. Your own husband sat when all of you were saying I text messaged and “text war’d” (that even implied I would answer a Facebook or text message), and you all know that. But back to what your husband said, you were saying text messages, how come your husband said, “Online”? So there’s a trail to it? I did not show a text message. I showed a Facebook online message. This is how hate crimes begin, with people spreading vicious lies and rumors so you can have more people on your side. This isn’t a competition.

Ashley, you mentioned you have a bad temper. Could that be the same temper you got from your mom? And I have to ask you Jacqueline, is that the tempter your daughter speaks of when you punched out Caroline? Refer to the reunion show for more information on how Jacqueline boasts about punching Caroline. Is that the same temper that was lost? But I need medication? You need to realize that yelling is a lot different hitting.

And Dina, I’m going to keep it real simple. One, who the hell are you talking to in your kitchen now? Another assistant? Just to be clear, you don’t call somebody up and meet with them, then sit and say “I don’t want to be around you” and expect them to sit quietly while you try to lay them out. Who the hell do you think you are? You’re losing it, in a very big way. This is a word of warning, the next time you shush me – expect me to speak louder. I have a lot to say especially about your Ladybug Foundation. I would like to know why you think someone that was invited to the Brownstone to present a check to a baby with cancer should be treated in such a fashion.

Caroline, if you are so tired of talking about me, then shut up the F up. And I’m not going anywhere. And PS – I do have a life, and my life does not include you. And your son Chris, whom I do need to address – the feeling is mutual.

I love my children, I love my friends, I love my extended family, my life, and I love the entire gay community and I have for the past 30 years when everyone else turned their backs on me. I have a great life. Please keep a lookout for my song, my duet, the only girl on girl duet recorded by a reality personality called “Real Close.” Thank you for all of the beautiful responses and reviews on my book, The Naked Truth. I’m honored and blessed. Keep an eye out for Jillian Marie, “What You’re Talking About” and watch Christine as she is already walking for some major fashion shows. For now, until next week Staub Girls are signing off. We all wish you love & light.

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