That's E-F'ing-Nuff

That's E-F'ing-Nuff

Danielle addresses her showdown with Teresa, and thanks fans for their loyalty and support.


I think I would like to address a small portion of this week’s episode. I was chased, set up, and treated like an animal. If anyone thinks that is a funny thing to do to another person, then please stop reading my blog at this time. If any of you took pleasure in this, then I suggest you take a long look at yourself. With that said, I am no victim. I am victorious. I will no longer tolerate or accept animalistic behavior. I didn't overreact by saying, "That's E-F’ing-Nuff." It may seem as though I was overreacting, but perhaps a lost footage episode will reveal what really led up to my response.

I would like to talk about all of the positive things going on in my life, because the positive things outshine everything else. First of all, thank you to everyone for tuning in every week to watch what happens on The Real Housewives of N.J.. A special thanks to all of my fans who stay steadfast by my side, and fight off the negative so I don't necessarily have to fight alone all the time. I'd like you to know I recognize how much time and effort you've devoted to me. And from my heart, my entire family is grateful. Your response and support to the release of "Real Close" has been overwhelmingly positive and so greatly appreciated. Special thanks to Tony Moran and Giuseppe D for the two dance remixes of "Real Close." I hope you enjoyed the tortured lullaby and the pop version of “Real Close," produced by Lori Michaels. A big shout out to JamBox Studios in N.Y.C. It was tons of fun being a part of Tony Moran’s debut of "Real Close" at the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove, Fire Island on Saturday night. We are having a listening party this Thursday, July 15th at Red Velvet at 9PM. If you haven’t already, please click on this link and review my song on iTunes at Christine’s modeling career is going so well. She is booking up on a daily basis all the way through Fashion Week in September. You can find her book on my website at And, please look for her 14 page editorial spread in the September issue of Blackbook magazine. I am proud to announce that Jillian Marie is about to release her song "What You're Talking About." The song will be released digitally very soon and I’m happy to say she has chosen a great venue for her release party. Keep looking for her official release date to be announced on my website, To really get to know me, please read my memoir The Naked Truth, which you can find on bookshelves everywhere. Thank you to Simon & Schuster for your support. You can find information on my book signings and all information connected to me and my endeavors including my t-shirt line, Danielle’s Mafia & my online store on Please follow me on Twitter @daniellestaub.


I would like to thank Christine and Jillian and my entire team; Kristen, Lori, Todd, Giuseppe, Joann & Mark for being equals with me on this journey and never wavering, or shaking, and being steadfast by my side. My love for all of you is held so deeply in my heart. I will keep showing my gratitude every day. Thank you for believing in me, and in us. Lori, I want you to know how proud I am to have you believe in me the way you do.

And to all of my friends and fans on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere I go, thank you for embracing me and my entire family. Every blessing.

Next week, now, and always
Love & Light

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