Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady

Dina talks NJ premiere drama, including Danielle's drive by, the sheriff's party turned Oktoberfest, and more!


We're baaaaccccckkkk!!!
Welcome to season two of The Real Housewives of Did She Really Just Say That? We love entertaining you and we hope that you will have fun watching all of us crazy bitches live our lives on camera, just for you!

I want to start off by thanking all of you for your continued support of Project Ladybug. Since the airing of season one, Ladybug has really spread her wings. I am forever grateful for all of your support, it means the world to me. May is officially Project Ladybug Month and if you would like to be a part of it and join us in continuing to enrich the lives of children with cancer please visit to learn more. We would love for you to wear a red extension in your hair and support our Lucky Locks campaign too! Go to for more information! Thank you! xo

OK, so now back to the crazy ... do you like our new rap in the beginning of the show? Pretty cool, huh? Jersey girls ARE hot so just deal with it! I'm not going to do a play by play of the whole episode like I did in last year's blogs, but I will highlight some of my favorite scenes or comment on what just NEEDS to be addressed, so here it goes.

"Welcome Baby"
In the first scene you see Jacqueline give birth to Nicholas. How adorable was that whole thing? From the cuteness of the little sneeze to big brother CJ petting his mother in the hospital bed ... it was too adorable for words. Just so you all don't start asking where I was, I showed up shortly after the cameras stopped rolling that day and baby Nicholas greeted his Aunt DD by taking a nice big dump on my lap. It was very sweet.


"Time to Make the Tomatoes"
How amazing is that tradition? I think it is so great to see Teresa with her parents, in-laws and children keep that old school Italian alive. Personally I think that's what is lacking in the world. We NEED to keep tradition and family time going. People get too caught up in the rat race to see what's really important. Times like that are priceless in my eyes. Nothing can replace the memories that those kids will have of canning the tomatoes with their parents and grandparents. I think it's amazing! Before we move on though, I just want to know one thing. "Do you have your time of the month?" Oh Teresa, how I love you.

"Oktoberfest Under that F*ckin Tent"
Excuse my French, you could take the girl out of Jersey...well you know how that goes. I was a little late getting to Caroline's fundraiser, by the time I got there obviously the drinks were a flowin'. See this is EXACTLY why I don't drink. I am always the sober one watching all the drunks slur their words and regret what they did the next day. So Kim's boyfriend ... how do you really feel about Danielle? LOL. Yeah, he wasn't holding back. That whole table scene that night annoyed the crap out of me. Like I said, I don't do the two-faced thing and from what I understood Kim was very close to Danielle at that point. I know you want to sell clothes but do you need her business that badly? Tell the girl that you don't like her and let her owe someone else $400. I guess that's why as the time goes on you won't see me get too close to Kim. I don't need friends that talk about me behind my back. I'd rather have a few close friends that mean the world to me than a bunch of friends that gossip about me. But that's just me.

"Stalk Much?"
How creepy was the scene with Danielle and her kids? If this is what this woman is doing on camera could you imagine what happens when the cameras aren't rolling? All I can say is that Danielle has been blessed with two very bright, very levelheaded children. It was a little disturbing to watch them once again talk their mother down from crazy. Oh and another thing, the dig Danielle made about me "stocking shelves and doing nails?" I am NOT ashamed at the age of 18 I was working my ass off and running a salon. The salon was owned by Lexi's father who I was dating at the time and I think it's pretty admirable that an 18-year-old girl spent 12 hours a day working hard. What was I supposed to be doing? Stripping? "But I'm not one to judge." WHATEVER.

"Crazy Cat Lady"
It's OK. you can say it. "That Dina is one crazy ass cat lady." I know I am, but ya know what? I don't care, I adore my kittens, and they make my heart smile every time I look at them.


As far as my outlook on life, it works for me. I am truly the happiest I have ever been. I have learned that it's OK to get rid of those things in life that don't make me happy. Like I said, I don't care if it's a freakin' vase or a...ehum "prostitution whore." But you will have to watch and see how that plays out. All I can say is that what you all saw last year at the reunion when I forgave Danielle was genuine. I was sincere in forgiving her and believing that she could change. Obviously the tides have turned saw the trailer when I call her a f*cking nut, again forgive my potty mouth - I'm working on that. Stay tuned and "Watch what happens." In the meanwhile, visit me at to see what I'm up to or you could just follow @grandmawrinkles on Twitter and that little bald beyotch will keep you up to date. Until next week...xo!

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