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Disturbing and Deceitful

Jacqueline reflects on the birth of her son, having "the talk" with her daughter, and gives her take on the Danielle drama!

By Jacqueline Laurita


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WOW! I can't believe we are in Season 2 blogging again. Yahoo! Good to be back! This could get long and ugly so bare with me. Let's start with that home video of my pregnancy and birth to Nicholas. Dang, I was rather large don't you think? 55 pound weight gain thank you very much! I was 30 pounds overweight this whole season so get used to seeing my chubs and love me anyway ... or don't look at me! You choose. Makes me cry every time I hear Nicholas cry in that scene. How cute were Chris and CJ bringing me flowers and CJ rubbing my head loving on me? Ashley had a fever so she couldn't get too close. My Dad was in the same hospital in another room with pneumonia. I love how the camera man (my brother-in-law Anthony) caught me telling Nicholas how we waited for him for a long,long time. I choke up when I hear that. Thank you God for giving him to us. Thank you Dina's fertility Zen Jen bracelet for sending me some of your special powers that just may have contributed to my pregnancy. Just in case anyone was wondering what else I did, I took a baby aspirin every day, sex every other day from day nine, after monthly starts,  to day 17, and then a progesterone insert the first three months from the moment I found out I was pregnant to help hold the pregnancy. Thank you Dr. Domnitz of Wayne, NJ for guiding me through it all. SO MANY people referred you to me and I'm so glad I decided to choose you for my OB/GYN.

What joy that little baby has brought to us all. It took about a whole week after the reunion show to resolve everything and begin moving forward again. The birth of Nicholas definitely reminded us all not to sweat the small stuff and that there are so much more important things in life than to be worried about nonsense. It was also a reminder of how special, important and what a blessing it is to have a family. It brought us all closer together. Who wants an innocent baby born into a senseless shit storm? AND YES, Dina was there the day of his birth celebrating in the joy with us. We are ALL in a good place with each other now.

I know some of you may wonder why I asked my daughter and her boyfriend whether or not they were being "safe" on a national TV show. Derek, Ashley's boyfriend, should be held as accountable and just as responsible for practicing safe sex as Ashley and I wanted him to be aware that WE are aware. This is a reality show and we are trying to keep it as real as possible. We as a family agreed to be REAL when we decided to do this show. I want other parents going through the same issues to be able to relate to us. We are not afraid to put it out there. Sometimes watching yourself as others see you is a good learning lesson. You get the opportunity to see things about yourself that maybe you didn't even realize. I'm always very open to constructive criticism, so I don't mind the advice if you have any. I'm definitely not saying that I make all the right decisions or choices with my kids, but I definitely love my kids and do my best with them. What you didn't see on the show or know is that I, as well as an OB/GYN, already had "the talk" about sex, diseases and pregnancies with my daughter when she had her first boyfriend. I even suggested that Danielle do the same for her daughters. Kids start young nowadays and a LOT of parents are in denial about that as well as teenage drinking, among other things. I explained to Ashley the reasons why I think she should wait to engage in sexual activity. I discussed and showed her many horror stories and movies that showed her the worst case scenarios of people that have unprotected sex. I may have even tried to tell her that it hurts REALLY bad and you bleed. Haha! The point is...I tried! You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. Ultimately, it is an individual's choice to make and unfortunately once they have chosen to end their virginity there is no going back.(;0) Danielle) All you can do is give them the tools to educate themselves before they make their decisions. I'm sure we have many of the same concerns other parents have for the well being of their children. I don't know about you guys, but I thought that scene with Chris sharpening the knife was hysterical.



How funny are Dina's cats? I have to smile and giggle to myself every time I see them. I even love the music the show plays when they enter a scene. I think it's hysterical that they even have their own tag line like they are a cast member. I can see where they bring joy to Dina. I think Dina is absolutely gorgeous and her interviews always make me laugh. She is so witty and has a great sense of humor. Dina has done so much with her Ladybug Foundation in helping terminally ill children and their families and I am so proud of her. Keep staying in the positive Dina. If it feels good, draw it near, if it doesn't, steer clear. It's ALWAYS been a saying of mine.

Teresa, I just loved the whole tradition of making red sauce with your family. That is something the kids will always remember and hopefully continue to pass down from generation to generation. I really enjoyed that. I just love your Dad. He is so funny. Strangely enough, my brother's wife's family has the same belief about not making red sauce if you are on that time of month. I love your parents and Joe's as well. You're beautiful and you have a beautiful family! Thanks for always entertaining us with your great cooking and making us smile and laugh all the time. I wish your cookbook Skinny Italian great success. There are definitely some great recipes and stories in there. Good thing Joe finally threw away that smelly, dirty, ripped horse with the pee and milk stains on it. It's about time!

Caroline is a great mother and wife. VERY devoted. I love her for that! We have a lot of fun together. Caroline always tells it like it is and sometimes I get annoyed with that, but at the same time, I respect her. At least with her, I will always know where I stand and so will everyone else. :0) There's no bullshitting with her. I think Caroline is a very wise woman, which reason I always go to her for advice. Doesn't Caroline look fabulous this year? She lost 8 pounds. I always get a kick out of how shocked people are when they see her in person and see how tiny she really is. I think people just see her boobs on TV and assume she is heavier than she really is. She looks amazing! I think Albert looks amazing too. What a transformation! He got some well deserved new clothes and Caroline got a healthy new man. Her kids crack me up. I just love them.

Kim D, or "Danielle's frenemy," may appear a little two-faced this episode, but I think people need to wait and see how this all plays out. I asked Kim what she thought about Danielle's blog and she said (and I quote), "Danielle is insignificant to me. Everyone knows that when Danielle doesn't like someone that she just makes random stuff up about them. I'm not worried." THEN Kim added, "Danielle, do you remember the young boy you met at your daughter's dance recital? Does Louie ring a bell? Doesn't his mother work at your daughter's school?" I happen to know what Kim was talking about because Louie just happens to be friends with my nephew Albie. Small world, huh? ;0) Just sayin'. Boy, you're dirty D! Don't forget to Shop Posche! Posche is Kim D's great boutique in Wayne, NJ in the Preakness shopping center. It's small but FULL of great finds and carries all those Virgin, Saints and Angels jewelry that you all loved on us NJ housewives last season. This year she's carrying the Kardashian line of V.S.A collection. A lot of mine, Caroline, Teresa and Danielle's clothes this season came from Posche Boutique, including that green top Danielle was wearing in her interview.



Stalker Scamwell ... I mean, Danielle, I think her scenes speak for themselves. I can't even go there because there are just so many crazy moments but I'm sure you picked up on it. My heart goes out to her beautiful kids. I found her disturbing, deceitful, dangerous, disgusting ... and DIRTY! DO you even realize how CRAZY you really are? Do you see and hear yourself? You REALLY need help! Not even joking. In your blog you acknowledge the fact that you fell off your wagon as you were learning to stay in the positive and live in the love and light, and then you went on the way you did, lashing out at everyone, grasping at straws, trying your best to trash everyone only to go back to saying just how much you live your life in the positive in the love and light? Who do you think your fooling? You're so transparent! For a grown woman to LIE and say the horrific things you said about me and my daughter (my CHILD) only goes to show just show DISGUSTING and UGLY your soul really is. You're sick. WHO does that? A devout Catholic? WOW! Your true colors have been blazing for a long time now, I think you're insane and need to seek help. You are self destructing. Live by your own mantra Dirty D, "People that are truly happy don't tear at others." Get REAL!

Just so people know the truth, my daughter never got kicked out of Catholic school. I pulled her out because she wanted to go back to her original high school and graduate with her class and all her friends. She felt she could do better academically there and I gave her a second chance to prove herself. She did get her DIPLOMA thank you very much. Danielle, your lies are catching up to you and your cards are starting to fall.

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