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Unbe"weave"able Night

Jacqueline reflects on the night of the hair pull and wonders if Danielle was hurt or just playing the victim.

By Jacqueline Laurita


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You know that old excuse, "My dog ate my homework"? Well, that's sort of what happened to my last blog. Our family was down in LBI (Loveladies) for two weeks so I brought my computer and my phone with me. I had been working on my blog on my computer when I noticed that the battery was about to die. I went to get my charger for it when I realized that my puppy had chewed it in half. It was too annoying to write it from my phone so I decided to wait until I got home. Once I got home, I decided to just combine the two episodes into one long blog. So here I go....

WOW! That really was an unbe"weave"able night! Admittedly, I DID think that Ashley made a funny and clever pun and I laughed out loud at the line, but I NEVER wanted or expected Ashley to post it on the internet. I think I may have even started with the puns by saying, "Come on Ashley, it's time to 'weave' Danielle alone." I think that's why Ashley said it was my idea. I guess I sent her mixed signals. I think she confused my laughing at the pun jokes with her thinking she had the green light to post something like that on the internet. I was VERY against her posting ANYthing about Danielle on the internet and when I'd see or hear she did, I would yell at her for it and I would make her take it down immediately. I don't think the incident that night was funny at all, but like I have explained before, I will find the humor in any bad situation and the pun jokes on the weave were funny to me. Sorry, not going to lie. Maybe it was disrespectful, but it was also humorous. I think I also found the humor in Teresa saying, "Is bitch better?" and running like a gazelle in high heels and a chinchilla coat. Never mind, I don't expect you to get it or find the humor I find it in it because that's just me. It was the first chuckle I had after a stressful night. I think my husband and I made it very clear to Ashley that we were not happy at all with Ashley's actions. We conveyed that to her many times. We ALL acted like a bunch of fools, but I guess it made good TV.

Despite the way it looked, I'm being honest with you when I say that I STILL don't believe Teresa was ever going to do any physical harm to Danielle. But Teresa was hell bent on getting in Danielle's face, to see if she had the guts to say to her face everything Danielle was saying and doing behind her back. She was going to call Danielle out and she WAS hoping to put an end to all the nonsense, but things just escalated too quickly and spun out of control.

There were rumors that Danielle befriended Teresa's husband's lawyer's wife in attempt to pry for private legal information about them from her. When we saw the show later we noticed that the wife was even sitting at Danielle's table. When Danielle was taunting Teresa that her house was in foreclosure, it confirmed that the rumors we had heard were true. The only problem was that the house that was in foreclosure was an investment property of theirs and NOT the house they live in. STILL, to this day, the house Teresa lives in is NOT in foreclosure. Danielle got her facts wrong and was spreading them everywhere she could. Danielle had also tried to befriend people in Dina's life and began to feed them with many damaging lies. On top of that, Danielle also gave them a series of numbers to help set up a case. The lies Danielle told them, along with the separate lies she told in a different story to the public trying hide from what she REALLY did, were BOTH just as despicable. There is proof of what Danielle did and TRIED to do and it was a LOT more than just "giving a phone number out." As far as Danielle saying that she hasn't tried to dig up anything on us ... LIE! I She is relentless. She actually tried to get a relative of a friend of mine to act as a friend of hers on the show and she wanted to feed her what to say about us. She actually called a meeting with others she filmed with to plot out what she wanted them to say about us. She is sick and she is a LIAR! Danielle constantly tries to stir the pot with her foul tongue. She is continually making up and spreading outrageous and dangerous lies about us. She is continually plotting behind the scenes to bring us down, continually spreading lies about us, calling the media to sell stories on us, stalking us, sending us threats through others, ETC. She is a dangerous person on many levels and hangs out with dangerous people.


Danielle commented that we were so desperate to get back at her that we were trying to befriend her friends. That is a false statement. I've known Kim for as long as Danielle has. I could, however, turn that statement around on her. I want to point out that it was Danielle who invited Me, Dina and Kim G. to her luncheon even when she claimed she was under the impression that Kim was "Caroline's friend" and was made "painfully aware that she belonged to Caroline." So WHY would or did she invite Kim G. when Danielle had never even met Kim G. before that day? Danielle was just SO DESPERATE to get back at us that she had to befriend someone that she thought was OUR friend. Pathetic! Meanwhile, she was "mistaken," Caroline was never "friends" with Kim G. That was just another of Danielle's calculating stabs to try and make Caroline look bad.

The night of the fashion show turned into a horrible, horrible disgrace and I am so ashamed of the whole disgusting mess it's become. It's a vicious cycle that won't come to a stop on EITHER side. Don't let Danielle fool you into thinking she has ever stopped trying to provoke any of us. We have been playing ping-pong for quite a while now. Danielle may have looked like the victim towards the end of that night, but let's not forget the events that took place leading up until that moment. What you need to understand is that there had been continual provoking by Danielle leading up to that for months. Danielle is the type of person that likes to poke people over and over and over again and then when the person gets mad and decides to strikes back, she goes into victim mode. It's a game that Danielle continues to play, over and over again and I am growing tired of it. She has played this game so many times and with so many people in her life that I can't say that I'm not taking a little pleasure in each time her karma catches up to her, one lie at a time. (Court documents appearing, people from her past and present coming forward, lawsuits for defamation and emotional distress pending, etc.) I found it interesting that even one of the cops that was there that night said to us," We are well aware of what Danielle is like. We are used to her drama. We get calls from her all the time, for years now." I guess it's a pattern of hers. She has a talent and a history in bringing out the worst in people.

PLEASE NOTE that I am NOT AT ALL condoning or making excuses for Ashley's actions that night for the hair pull because I know that that was WRONG, plain and simple. What's wrong is wrong. Ashley has her own blog so I will let HER explain her actions that night. Chris and I were so upset with how Ashley got involved in all of our immature adult drama. We previously told her NOT to get involved under ANY circumstance. We also feared for her because we knew that there would be retaliation on Danielle's part coming Ashley's way. It is never OK to lay your hands on another person. I can't say I blame Danielle for pressing charges against Ashley because there ARE laws protecting us from that for a reason. I understand Danielle's 'right' to press charges against Ashley, I honestly do, but I will also honestly say, if the situation were reversed, I would not have pressed charges for getting my hair pulled by a former friend's 18 year old daughter who came out of nowhere in the middle of the chaos, but that's just me. I wouldn't waste the courts time or tax dollars on a hair pull. I would have placed a restraining order at most. I wouldn't want to bring the kids in on my personal vendetta against their mother, regardless of what Danielle was implying. I think that was made pretty clear. I hope Danielle realizes that now and feels a little foolish for saying that. How HOT was my husband when he was getting tough with Ashley? He is so damn sexy! I just had to add that. God, I love him.


As much as I was angry at Ashley for her involvement, I am still her mother, I still worry about her, and it still pains me to have to watch her go through this. How would you feel? Whether or not she deserves what she gets, it's still heartbreaking to see my child go through it and suffer the backlash that comes with it. Try to put yourself in my shoes and try to understand. Better yet, try to put yourself in Ashley's shoes to see where her head was when she reacted the way she did. I do wish I would have seen a little more remorse from her for what she did, but I guess her anger toward Danielle was too strong. I hope there is a lesson learned there somewhere.

In the middle of all the commotion, I wondered where Danielle and Teresa were and my thought was to find them, stop them and put everyone back in their corners. My head was spinning and I was confused as to what was going on around me. There was so much screaming and people running everywhere, and things crashing. It was insane. I had thought Ashley went home, so imagine my surprise to find out that not only had she not left but that she confronted Danielle. I managed to get Ashley and Teresa away from Danielle. I stood in front of Danielle's car and I planned on staying there until she left. I was wondering why, now that she was safe in the car, she just wasn't leaving, but I guess now I know it was because she was calling and waiting for the police.

I realize that the point of the whole matter is that Ashley pulled Danielle's hair, it was wrong and illegal, but I still wonder how her weave came out enough to leave a bald spot. A BALD spot? My Mom used to pull my hair pretty hard when I was a child and she never managed to do that. Wouldn't that require serious force behind that, some blood, and some hair left in her hands? I still wonder if Danielle had a little hand in that hair removal herself. Danielle leaned back in the direction of the pull and not away from it, as someone may had they not seen the pull coming. Why didn't Ashley have any of that hair in her hands afterward? After watching the footage, I never saw any hair fall either. I also never saw Kim G. collecting any hair. These are just my thoughts, but I'm certainly not missing the point that Ashley should have NEVER put her hands on Danielle in the first place. It was almost interesting to hear Danielle go from crying, to talking normally, to hysterics depending on who she thought was listening to her. Funny how Danielle had no problem yelling at Dina in a public place and made fun of her running away from her by saying "the guilty ones run" when NOBODY was running faster than Danielle, not even the Gingerbread Man. Danielle talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk, at least when she has an audience, and has a chance to play the victim.

Truth be told, I think I showed great restraint that night after hearing that Danielle called my daughter a coke whore. How do you think Danielle would have reacted if I called her daughter that? Remember Danielle, YOU are the one that said the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, NOT me. Just sayin'! You didn't see the part that was edited out when Teresa said something about Danielle's friend and Danielle started screaming at the top of her lungs at Teresa like a crazy woman off her medication. I guess they cut it out because the guy in the discussion had no place on our show and it wouldn't be fair to talk about him. Trust me when I say that Danielle got psychotic there for a minute. It was ugly. I brought up the court documents because she was trying to say that she's not into craziness. Really? Her court documents, the night of the benefit for the baby with cancer and the company she keeps prove otherwise. Who is she trying to fool?


Why in Danielle's defense class was I included on one of the hands she was punching, especially in front of her children? Where did I come into the equation? I have never threatened her bodily harm in any way? I tried my best to diffuse the situation that night. Why so much anger toward me? Up until that point, the only thing I was guilty of was ignoring her and talking to my family about her. The entire situation was weird to me. As usual, Danielle was taking it to the extreme. As time has gone on, I admit I have become a lot more bitter towards her, but back then, I did nothing to her to warrant her behavior towards me. I love the exaggeration of her story when she said that Ashley RAN to her while she was being carried and pulled out handfuls of her hair.

What was that Danielle said, "Likes attracts like" while she was sitting in front of two troublemaking ex-cons? Interesting. Hello, my daughter was born to me. You picked the company you keep Danielle. That comment she made did not make sense. I also noticed that when Danny said that if he saw the fight, he would have been back in jail and she condoned that remark. What would he have done to us Danielle that would have put him back in jail? So you hang out with people who believe in fighting violence with violence? THAT is what you are teaching your children? Wow! Interesting. Love and light, Danielle. When Danielle said that she hopes Ashley isn't listening to the advice around her, I hope she feels foolish now after seeing the advice we gave her and prays that Ashley DOES take our advice. By the way, I took the same self-defense class that Danielle did except that I'm certified; I didn't just take just one class for TV. How funny would THAT battle be? It would be like a rock, paper, scissors match! Eyes! Throat! Knee! LOL! "All it takes is one good smack to the head to make a person never walk again." Was that another threat Danielle, caught on video again? EEks! Don't make me press charges against you Danielle, and the "coke whore" comment, that's defamation of character and emotional distress. You wanna play? Let's play!

Danielle mentioned how she used to do so much for Ashley. What a joke! She drove her to school ONE time! Ashley never talked to her about anything. She always used to get mad at Danielle for trying to intrude into her business. I wish she would stop with her fabricated stories. I, on the other hand, fell into her scam and did a LOT for her and her children. I bought them food, clothes, toys, etc. I even gave them school clothes and supplies. I never once got a thank you either.

If Danielle's theory holds true that kids learn by what they see and that it's MY fault Ashley has learned what she has by MY teachings then GOD HELP YOUR CHILDREN DANIELLE if they model after YOUR behavior! I think anyone watching this show since season one that reads the recent tabloids has a pretty good idea of what YOU are all about. No need for the long list of examples. Devout Catholic my ass!

In one of the bonus clips, where Danielle is discussing the hair pull incident, she is sitting there with Christine. Christine makes a comment about her wishing she had been there that night because she would have taken care of Ashley, in so many words. What was she trying to imply? Is she implying that she would have got violent to protect her mother? Hmmm. Interesting. I also noticed how she hugged her mother on the side of Danielle's face that Danielle said caused her "so much pain," but Danielle didn't even flinch. Interesting. As far as Danielle saying that the hair pull caused numbness in her face and effected her eyes, uh, no honey, that is from too much Botox, maybe it is time to lay off it a bit, Spock!


I found it interesting that when Kim left the Bentley to come talk to me that Danielle stopped "crying" long enough to warn Kim, in a strong assertive voice, not to hit me. If Danielle really thought that I was so dangerous, why wasn't she more worried that I would hit Kim? Was Danielle more worried that it would make her look like less of a victim? Notice I didn't even flinch? Did I look ready for a battle? Not so much, but I would never back down or run from anybody. Like I have said before, I can hold my own.

When Danielle stood outside the courtroom and said that Ashley yelled ,"I'll get her" before pulling her hair and that somebody yelled, "I'll kill her," both statements were lies. In the actual courtroom, when my husband was there, Danielle ACTUALLY told the judge that Ashley said BOTH of those things to her right before ripping her hair out. She committed perjury, as if the truth of Ashley admitting to the hair pull wasn't enough.

I also wanted to say thank you sooo much Danielle for being so worried and concerned with saving my daughter's future that you did her a favor and saved her and protected the safety of others by pressing charges against her. I could see your fear of her vicious hair pull possibly leading her down a dark and scary, dangerous path to becoming a kidnapping, drug dealing, drug using, prostitute who gets caught up with the Colombian cartel, holds someone for ransom and beats someone with a 9mm gun. Yes, I can totally see your point. It could happen. I would never want that. Thank you for possibly stopping her from growing up to be a back stabbing, pathological lying, husband stealing, desperate, dangerous, narcissistic, people using, contradicting, hypocrite, martyr, con artist, slut. I appreciate your efforts. I'll quote you when I say, one day you'll see, "Karma is a bigger bitch than I'll ever be."

I love how Danielle keeps saying that she paid her dues for her past. NO SHE DIDN'T! She made a plea agreement with the Untied States Attorney's office to testify against her two co-defendants in which one of them was her boyfriend. She took the EASY way out by being a rat. She didn't take responsibility for HER actions and involvement. According to Danielle, she was "at the wrong place at the wrong time." I think we all know by now that was a bunch of crap I would hate to be in Danielle's shoes right now and have people from her past mad at me. At least Ashley told the truth when asked if she pulled Danielle's hair.

A lot of my conversation with Kim G. was edited out. I was mostly shocked at Kim because she had told me that she heard Danielle was going to press charges against my daughter and that SHE thought that was absolutely disgusting. Imagine my surprise when I saw her picture in the paper (like a busted up Sex and the City...LOL) arm in arm with Danielle at the courthouse. The other two girls with them were friends of Kim that Danielle had just recently met, so I knew Kim recruited the support group. She was really playing both sides in a big way. The only thing Kim was honest about with me was that she told me she was filming with Danielle but Danielle didn't know Kim was filming with me. Kim would constantly tell me all of the crazy things that Danielle would do to her and others. Kim was the one coming to our table during the fashion show to tell us what Danielle was saying about Ashley and the rest of us. Kim is a two-faced shit-stirrer but honestly, I don't know why, she doesn't bother me.


I think it's funny when people say that I grew balls this year when I have always been this way. I have always been myself, on and off camera. I haven't changed. Last year the cameras didn't catch me getting mad at anyone until the finale, so why would you have seen that side of me? This year you are seeing me react the way I do in the various situations that arise. This year I am angry, so you are now seeing me in my angry mode. You are also seeing a more silly side to me because I'm in more situations where you WOULD see that side of me. I'm STILL the same person I was last year. We told you last year how our family used to fight over my friendship with Danielle, but it's not my fault that the cameras weren't there to catch that. I consider myself a nice, warm, caring, loving, accepting, giving, and non-judgmental person with a VERY high tolerance of people UNTIL they cross me by over stepping boundaries, lying to me or about me, my husband or my kids, or disrespecting me to the point of angering me. Of course at that point you will see the bull in me come out. People who have known me for years know how I am and that is all that matters to me. I worry about the people that are surrounding me in my daily life and not people judging me that I have never even met that just like to blog the ugly stuff. I'm just here to blog my honest thoughts and views on our show and on the people involved in it. I do it for all of you, as well as myself so that I can vent and at the same time give you a little insight into what was going on in our crazy dysfunctional world.

To end on a more positive note, Caroline and Albert are great, supportive parents, Teresa's kids are so freakin' adorable and I am so happy Albie got that letter he deserved from law school. :0) The end.

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