Not Having It

Not Having It

Real Kid of New Jersey, Ashley, gives her take on the Danielle drama this season.

By Ashley Holmes


Woo hoo! I have a blog! I just wanted to start by thanking all of my fans, and fans of the show that show me so much support every day on my Twitter and Facebook. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! As for the haters, keep hating! I'm flattered that you would take time out of your day to tell me you don't like me, love me or hate me ... it's still an obsession :) As my cousin Lauren so perfectly put it, "Seeing crazy people attack my family and me on Twitter doesn't faze me. I've done nothing to them so obviously they are so miserable with themselves they feel the need to say mean things. Don't waste your doesn't bother me. I'm flattered you think of me that much, good or bad! Misery loves company!" Ditto!

Well, I think it's fair to say this season has been crazy so far, eh? I've been reading the other blogs and I would like to state for the record that NO, I was not "giving BJs at the age of 17" as Danielle said. I also HAVE NOT EVER been kicked out of any school I have attended. I went to a public school for two years. Half way through my sophomore year I moved to Texas to live with my dad for a little while. I wanted a change. (For those who have been asking me, YES my biological dad and I are EXTREMELY CLOSE.) I went to a private Christian school down there and got all As and Bs, so when I moved back my mom put me in a private Catholic school because she said that I "obviously do better in a private school setting." I think we all know what happened there if you saw season one. HAHA! Fail. The first month of my senior year I was still attending Catholic school. I was dealing with some girls there, you know, THOSE GIRLS. It was stupid high school drama. I was being bullied pretty badly, so badly that I have a special place in my heart for the organization 'To Write Love on Her Arms.' Anyway, I had really good friends there, but honestly I had more at the public school and I wanted to enjoy all the fun public school stuff during my senior year. I LEFT BY CHOICE. I'm so sorry that you felt bad to "hear that" Danielle, at least now you know the facts. Also, I GOT MY DIPLOMA, NOT A GED, thank you for asking.

OK THIS EPISODE, I’m sure I won’t have to say much. My mom pretty much covers EVERYTHING that I want to say. HAHA! But I guess I’ll start with Teresa. LOVE LOVE LOVE her! Who doesn't? I think it's cute how she brags about Gia. Every parent brags about his or her kids every now and then. Of course the other parents there are going to roll eyes and hate, they're stage parents. Have you ever seen pageant moms? HAHA! People are competitive, especially when their kids are involved. So you go Teresa! Gia is such a little ham; she deserves to be bragged about. Also, I say keep the Jersey accent too, it makes her HER! Stick to modeling if it's that big of a problem. SHE'S GORGEOUS!


Uncle Al. Uncle Al is such a hard worker. He is such an amazing person with such a big heart. It makes me sick when I hear the things that Danielle has been trying to say about the Brownstone. The Brownstone is the most amazing establishment, and you can ask ANYONE who has ever been there.

All I have to say about Kim G with my mom at Chateau is you're tired and drained already? Haha! Good luck! We'll see how this plays out. I know you have a good heart Kim, but my mom is right. There is no talking to Danielle. It's her way or no way.

Danielle. Congratulations! YOUR FIRST ADULT BIRTHDAY PARTY! WHAT A BIG GIRL! Let's first talk about how my mother was right. Kim G tried to talk to Danielle and she freaked out and proceeded to say that "the Manzos are f---ed up." Yeah? We are? Ya sure? I'm pretty sure we aren't the ones f---ed up. I'm pretty sure that's YOU and the company you choose to keep. NOW, for the comment that has offended me the most. "He wasn't calling a gay man a faggot though." And that makes it OK?! No. I don't think so. I am so offended and disgusted that that's how you think. If you were REALLY a "gay advocate," you would realize that HATE is HATE. Gays are people. I have many gay friends and they were all disgusted with the comment you made. OH and I love how you said you were offended by what he said, but the whole time you had a smirk on your face. SURE. Your excuse was that you were "being protected at the time," but I have to ask, protected FROM WHOM?! No one was doing anything to you. You did EVERYTHING to yourself that night. Also, I love the comment you made regarding Christopher, "Shame on his parents." Christopher is 21 years old lady; he doesn't need mommy and daddy. He works valet. He said NOTHING to you, he handled himself VERY well I think. You were the one talking to him with ill intentions. You were the one talking about psychological FUs. Really? And you're calling us f---ed up? Whatever. Let's fast forward to the part about us apparently getting "satisfaction" from your talk at your birthday party. I hate to tell you this but WE DON'T CARE. STOP OBSESSING.

Let's talk about my Aunt Dina for a second. First I just wanted to say that I think Project Ladybug is such a beautiful foundation, and I am so proud of my Aunt Dina for starting it. She really goes above and beyond for those kids and their parents. I wish I could be more like my Aunt Dina. She is all about staying in the positive and doing good. She is such a strong woman with such a big heart. That is why I felt so terrible that Danielle has caused her so much stress and heartache. My Aunt Dina never did anything to Danielle to deserve the things she has had done to her. I can totally understand why she just wants her out of her life for good. Who needs all that chaos and negative energy in their lives? It's toxic.


Danielle, REALLY? That's all I have to say about your kitchen scene. At least you realized it wasn't healthy. I also think it's funny that you just made fun of my Aunt Dina in your last blog for talking to her cats on the kitchen. I guess chihuahuas are an exception? At least my Aunt Dina wasn't going off on some CRAZY rant. Also, just wondering, why do you care that she's in her kitchen a lot? I laughed out loud when you said, "I can't believe that I wanted to be friends with those kind of people." Really? So, Hells Angels, mobsters, and convicted felons are who we should be more like? Duly noted.

Now to address some things:
#1 I made that HATE page on Facebook only after I heard Danielle was going around MY TOWN making up lies about me AND my family. It was ONE PAGE, not "PAGES", and yes I know it was immature.

#2 YEAH, I HATE YOU DANIELLE. I think I made that pretty obvious. Also, thanks for the educational lesson. I had NO IDEA that I was a future Clan leader? Who says that? Weirdo.

#3 I would also like to point out that Danielle DID NOT READ the whole Facebook message out loud. What I said was "GET A LIFE, Stay away from my family. You're no good. And fake. You can try to act like you're a changed person and all good and holy, but at the end of the day you I and GOD all know where you're going...TO HELL. BYE. Love&Light...BITCH." I wonder why she didn't read the whole thing out loud? Hmm, maybe because then people would realize that when I said "BYE" it wasn't a threat. You're terrified of my underlying messages? No sweetie, I'm pretty sure that I'm upfront with you. I say everything to your face. You'll "let a judge decide" ? For what? Because I said "BYE"? Yeah and I'm just going to pretend that you didn't say you aren't a fighter. HA!

When word got back to my mom about the messages and that Danielle called the authorities, I wasn’t surprised that she handled the situation the way she did. I tell my mother EVERYTHING. I’m 19 - I have NOTHING to hide. Danielle was the one that messaged me first after I made the hate page on Facebook. She told me I was fat and needed to lose weight in my arms, that I was ugly, that I was a loser…etc. VERY immature. She was also going around town telling people that I was a whore and that I’m nothing but trouble. Danielle, calling ME a whore? REALLY? HA! It’s one thing if I’m immature on Facebook and Twitter every now and then, I’m 19, I’m allowed to be immature. She's older. The fact that she even took it to THAT level is pathetic. After this mini-Facebook war we had we didn’t speak at all. THEN the problem at the Brownstone happened. So I messaged her the message that you all saw. She responded to me with a bunch of immature comments, and then her daughter Christine joined in. When I stopped writing back to Danielle, she kept sending me messages trying to start with me. I wasn’t having it.


I still can’t believe Danielle gets away with half of the things she says. For example, “I barely have money for rent...yadda, yadda.” Meanwhile, she’s going on shopping sprees at POSCHE, getting manicures and pedicures, driving a brand new range rover, buying VERY expensive shoes and bags, OH and buying suits for felons. Danielle, you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. It doesn’t matter how you dress if you don’t change yourself too. Beauty is only skin deep, and that’s not saying much for you. I love how you think it’s funny that you’ve been in front of a jury multiple times. “We all spent a lot of time there.” No Danielle, “we” haven’t, the only time I HAVE was because I allowed your behavior to get me to behave in a way that I am not proud of. I can’t believe you were even joking around about it saying, “It wasn’t me! It was him.” I guess if you hadn’t blamed the people around you, and ratted people out, you wouldn’t have gotten off with a plea bargain. Congratulations, you should be proud.

How were you scared to meet with my Aunt Dina when she was so kind to you on the phone? Who should be more afraid? You of my Aunt Dina, a woman who spends her free time raising money for children with cancer, OR my Aunt Dina of you, a “woman” who hangs out with the Hell's Angels and creepy ex-felons, and is an ex-felon herself? Hmm, maybe if you weren’t such a joke my aunt would have asked to bring some protection. My Aunt Dina doesn’t owe you ANYTHING, especially an apology. If anything, YOU owe HER one. Stop thriving on all this drama that you create for yourself and just LET IT GO. Move on. Try to relieve yourself from all the negative energy that surrounds you. Maybe you’ll finally start to become a somewhat better person if you do so.

The talk I had with my boyfriend was just me venting. He’s so supportive of me and gives me such good advice. I love him so much and YES we are still happily together <3 HAHAHA! I watched the show with my mom, and when I watched the part where my mom called me, we both just started laughing. We fight, but we love each other very much. Also, I know that what I said on Facebook was immature and I probably shouldn’t have said it, but at the same time, it’s MY Facebook and I should be allowed to say whatever I want, no matter how stupid. PS. GO COWBOYS! B-WARE D-WARE!

Christopher is ALWAYS making me laugh. I love the whole fall dinner scene, just us hanging out and having a good time. A brief moment to catch my dad up on the drama with Danielle, and then back to having a good time. YES, I called Danielle out for having a square tit and looking like the Grinch. I was just speaking the truth. HA! Anyway, I totally agree with what my Aunt Caroline said, my intentions were good but my delivery was all wrong.

I get such a sick feeling in my stomach picturing my Aunt Dina going alone to meet with Danielle, while some man hides out in the parking lot “just in case." Seriously? Danielle, you disgust me. I love how my Aunt Dina approached the conversation. She was very kind, and laid everything out there. So far, Danielle is trying to rehash the past and continue with her negativity. It doesn’t look like she is willing to move forward.

To Be Continued….

Until next time,
xox Ashley

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