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Ciao Bello!

Teresa explains what really went down the night of Joe's accident, and recaps her fabulous trip to Italy!

By Teresa Giudice

Ciao Bello!
How much did I love this week's episode? So much great family comedy and so little Danielle drama! Well, there was a little, so let's just get that out of the way…

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Joe was with his beautiful wife the night of his accident, thank you very much. We went to dinner with Caroline and Albert, Jacqueline and Chris and even Tamra from Real Housewives of Orange County. When we came back from the city, my car was at Jacqueline's house, so I drove back with her instead of riding back with Joe. Thank goodness I did because his car was really smashed up. That was the first miracle – that I wasn't in the car. The second was that Joe was completely fine. He had to crawl out of the window (which I'm pretty sure you couldn't do successfully without even getting a scratch if you were drunk). He was just around the corner from our house, closed his eyes for a second, and that was all it took. Driving tired can actually be just as dangerous as driving drunk, and it definitely sneaks up on you. We are so thankful that Joe was OK, that no one else was injured. He doesn't drive late at night anymore. Please, everyone, be careful and don’t drive when you’re tired, even if you think you're OK!

And yes, it is totally true that he walked to a neighbor's house, and then had a couple shots to calm his nerves. He just walked away from a huge crash uninjured and I was supposed to be in the seat next to him. Who wouldn't be shaken up? It didn't even occur to him that the police would check him for drinking because he wasn't drunk. And when the police arrived, they didn't even question him because there was no indication he was impaired at all. Because his car completely flipped, he had to go to the hospital to be examined, and when they drew his blood, then they found the scotch from after the accident. He wasn't arrested (believe me, you'd see his mug shot all over the Internet, wouldn't you?). The hospital sent the blood test to the police after we left, and a week later we got the citation in the mail.

Drunk driving is a very serious thing and we don't do it. We always get a designated driver or call a cab. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by a drunk driving accident, or just a car accident in general. We are so, so lucky. Things like this put everything in perspective and make us realize what's really important in life: our family, friends and our faith.

Of course, the entire aftermath with the press and insane accusations like Danielle's was very stressful. (I didn't know strip clubs were open until 2 a.m.… am I surprised Danielle knew that? No. Was I surprised she had her birthday party at the strip club Scores? No. I pray her children weren't there. Nice example, Danielle. Nice.) So the trip to Italy was perfectly timed.

Don’t get me wrong, traveling with a huge group (and huge camera crew) is not easy. We had three generations with us! But it made for amazing memories. As you saw, I’m not bothered at all by the stress of travel. We take our kids everywhere. Yes, you can take your baby to Italy. I'd much rather be a little tired and jetlagged with my baby in my arms than to leave her behind with a babysitter. But that's just me.

There was a little crabbiness on the ship – I'm looking at you Joe and Caroline – but what you didn't see was how sick they were. Joe was sooo seasick. Even on the gondola ride he was seasick! He was layed out on the cruise! And poor Caroline was in the hospital the night before we left with kidney stones that she took with her to Italy. So painful!

Joe and I were supposed to go to the cooking class with Chris and Jacqueline, so Caroline and Albert volunteered to watch our girls while we went. But Joe was too seasick to get out of bed, so we didn't end up going. I stayed in the cabin taking care of him and Audriana, but I wanted the girls to have fun and go swimming with Caroline and Albert. Isn't Albert the sweetest? He's going to make a great grandpa someday! And Caroline too, of course! Joe and I did get our date later, but he was still pretty sick for most of it.

The girls were also jetlagged and the time difference was killing them. You'll see them perk up in a few days. How hilarious was it that Milania fell asleep on her cake?

My favorite part of last night was seeing Jacqueline back to her old happy self. She is hilarious and so fun and you never got to see that with all the Danielle drama.

Shopping in Venice was also so fun. We really just window shopped, but what a great place to do it! The one thing I got, because I like to get a souvenir from everywhere I go, was the green glass ring. But my father-in-law bought it for me. That's why I kissed him as soon as I came out of the store. I love love love my parents and Joe's parents!

One more clarification. A lot of people Twittered me asking about my bag of "hair extensions." It was hair accessories, not extensions. I don't wear extensions. It’s really all my real hair. Ask my fabulous hairdresser Daniel Cerone and he will tell you. Ask anyone who knows me. But I did have an entire duffel bag of just hair bows and headbands for the girls because I just love them to wear stuff in their hair!

Thank you all for coming to my book signings and embracing Skinny Italian! Keep sending me pictures of your gorgeous meals and even more gorgeous kids! Visit my website for my latest appearances, friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. I’m not going to lie, I Twitter the most because I can do it on my phone the easiest. I do read every single one and try to answer as many as I can, but if you follow me on Twitter, you have a better chance of getting a response from me (Facebook makes it so hard—they keep changing their freakin' site!)

Website: Twitter: @Teresa_Giudice

Wait until you see my hometown and family reunion next week!

Tanti Baci,
Teresa Giudice

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