Having What It Takes

Having What It Takes

Teresa talks chuckies, Fashion Week, Gia's modeling, and Danielle's luncheon.


Hello everyone! I read every one of your comments from last week. Thank you so much! And I also got to meet so many of you at the premiere party at The Brownstone and on my book tour this week. It’s official - I have the best, most BEAUTIFUL, FABULOUS fans!!!

I also want to thank you all so much for embracing my family's recipes and culture with Skinny Italian. It means the world to me ... especially when I see the pictures of you cooking with your own family. Please keep sending them to me! xx

So, this week's episode. I think we can sum it up with two phrases, right? "The Ham Game" and "Puffy Chucky." (How fun are shows on Bravo?) I can see how "The Ham Game" is fun for kids, but not so much for parents. If my girls ever start throwing ham around my kitchen...

And you didn’t see it, but when I was talking about "puffy chucky" it was my baby shower at Jacqueline’s house. I’m sad they didn’t show more of it. It was so beautiful! Of course at baby showers you talk about having babies and I had all four of my kids naturally (no c-sections, yes drugs.) When you push a big baby out, your chucky gets puffy. It’s a fact. Not a pretty fact, but a fact.

Oh yeah, and "chucky" is short for "chuckalina." It’s the nickname Dina, me and my girlfriends made up years ago for our "lady parts." Some say vajayjay, some say coochie, we say chuckalina ...


So, the episode. First, we had Danielle's house tour. To not keep her own house in good condition just to spite her ex-husband is insane. She buys designer clothes but she can’t fix the cracking, leaky roof where her children live? Someone please tell me she's colorblind, because there is no other excuse for that green bathtub. And a bidet? We can only imagine why she needs a good flush for her chuckalina…

When I was at lunch with Jacqueline, I was not trying to say that she is weak. Jacqueline is just so sweet and trusting – it's one of the reasons I love her. And she is completely generous. She was very, very generous with Danielle, and Danielle just used her. I was just looking out for Jacqueline because I care so much about her. And I know she would do the same thing for me.

I loved seeing CJ do his chores. That right there tells you what a great mom Jacqueline is. My girls all have chores too. Gabriella sweeps the kitchen floor. They all make their beds and bring their laundry upstairs. Gotta teach them about hard work from an early age!

How funny was Joe using the chopper saying he didn’t know what Fashion Week was? First of all, I love, love, love my chopper. (And it's not a Slap Chop. I got it from The Pampered Chef. Best chopper ever!) He didn’t know about Fashion Week and Gia had never heard of Elle magazine because we're not obsessed with modeling in our house. Gia does it all for fun, and we support her because she likes it.

I’m happy to take Gia to auditions the same way I’m happy to take her to gymnastics and karate classes. She loves it. As soon as she doesn’t love it anymore, we’ll stop. It’s harmless fun when you’re 8 (and you have to admit, when she gets her catwalk on, she gets it on!)


Do I think I’m a stage mom? No, I really don’t. I think it’s pretty clear that I’m only there for Gia. I’m not talking over her, trying to show off to the casting directors, trying to relive my glory days through her, or actually putting myself into her photo shoots. You can tell that Gia is just a kid who likes doing it. She’s not beat down or overly rehearsed. She’s giggly and natural and polite. I’m so proud of her!

And yes, Danielle, I did realize Gia was only 4 feet tall. She's 8. She's supposed to be 4 feet tall. I'm not even going to comment on if an 8-year-old "has what it takes" because I don’t think that way about my daughter or put that kind of pressure on her...

Of course, we see the pressure modeling can bring with Danielle’s daughter Christine. I think Christine is a beautiful, beautiful girl and she’s obviously very smart. But to be thrust into high fashion modeling with Gilles Bensimon (Kelly’s ex-husband!), a cover shoot, and talk of going to Milan when you’re only 15 is a bit much. I cannot believe that Danielle isn’t having second thoughts about it when she herself blamed her modeling career for getting her first involved in drugs and stuff. Danielle obviously didn’t come out of it well. Poor Christine does not have enough stability in her life. I’m really worried about the pressures they put on her, and next week, you’ll see why...

I thought it was weird that Danielle had a lunch to "celebrate Christine" that Christine wasn’t even invited, but leaving two empty chairs for Jacqueline and Dina when she knew they weren’t coming was fairly disturbing. She obviously did it for effect, and it worked. We all now know effectively how crazy she is!

I love, love, love you all! Visit me at www.teresagiudice.com to see photos, excerpts and recipes from Skinny Italian and follow me on Facebook or Twitter @teresa_giudice.


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