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A Thanksgiving Feast

Jacqueline comments on how much food all the ladies prepare for holiday meals.

By Jacqueline Laurita

Don't you just love Thanksgiving? I do! I noticed that one of the things our families on this show have in common is our love of food and the ridiculous amounts of it we make for a holiday (or any other day for that matter). I know that Teresa worked hard all day preparing for our Friendsgiving meal to show her appreciation for our support during her difficult year. We appreciated that. The meal was so delicious, and there was such a great variety of food and desserts. Her spread was amazing! You missed the part when the chocolate dessert turkey's ass melted off and landed on the plate. Now THAT was funny. Loved it! That was a badass turkey (no pun intended)!

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We had our actual Thanksgiving with our own family at my house this year. We made ridiculous amounts of delicious food that also took a lot of time to prepare. Everybody helps cook and clean up in our family. It's team work! Well actually, that's only half true. The men enjoy the cooking part, but they don't usual clean. They conveniently disappear to Chris's man cave in the basement around cleaning time. When Teresa invited us for a second Friendsgiving meal at her house, I thought it was a thoughtful gesture and would be a real treat.

I wanted to point out that when Ashley left Teresa's house, she DID properly say goodbye to me. She had birthday plans with her friends that night. Ashley turned 20 that day. I was just grateful that she joined us for as long as she did. At that age, you feel like your friends are much cooler to hang out with than your family, especially on your birthday.

I couldn't help but laugh when Caroline took a knife to her own throat and read Teresa's card from Melissa. "Re-done home" lol! I tried to contain myself from laughing and lost control and accidentally banged my poor baby's head on the table. Oops and sorry for that, Nicholas. Mommy almost dropped you when I heard that.

I was wondering why someone would write "Congratulations on your re-done home" on a housewarming card? I guess someone who is giving it to somebody that would throw away her sprinkle cookies and then tell her all about it later. Next time, Melissa, BRING PIGNOLI COOKIES! That's her favorite. For God sake Melissa, HOW LONG have you been in that family? WHY didn't you KNOW that? YA GET IT? PIGNOLI cookies or TRASH! Make the right choice! If you want to buy sprinkle cookies, box them up and Fed-ex them to Africa. There are children starving over there you know! Lol! Touche, girls! You're both so clever with your disses...although it won't help resolving any of your issues. Unfortunately, I have been guilty of doing similar passive aggressive retaliations in my day as well. It's a temporary gratification thing I guess. I'm wondering who started offending the other one first. Something tells me there may be some tit for tat going on between Teresa and Melissa. What do you think? Who here is keeping score? How do we make this merry-go-round stop? Girls are so funny when we fight, aren't we? Guys handle things so differently. We are, by nature, more passive aggressive and hold grudges longer. Guys are just more aggressive, and then they're over it. I guess we all give jabs at others in one way or another at some point in our relationships, don't we? Don't lie.

I brought Teresa sprinkles cookies too. She seemed to like them. I wonder if mine ended up in the trash as well. In all seriousness, I would have gladly taken them back home with me. I, personally, enjoy sprinkle cookies. Just sayin'.

Joking aside, I think Joey Gorga and Teresa were both missing each other over the holidays. It was obvious and it was sad. They just have to get to the root of some of their issues before they can move forward with their relationship. I have faith in them that one day it could happen. The love is there. I can sense it. It definitely takes two people to want to have a relationship and make amends. If it's not authentic on both ends, it will never work. I know from experience.

Melissa had a lovely Thanksgiving as well. I noticed lots of food and preparation at her place also. Joey helped contribute by somehow rounding up a mechanical bull. That was hilarious! Who wouldn't enjoy that? Only Joey could have thought of that one. That Joey, he's crazy. Looks like everyone had fun with it. Hopefully they all rode the bull BEFORE they stuffed themselves with their seven course meal or that scene could have been played out a lot differently.

I was very surprised and happy to hear how supportive Melissa and her family were toward Joe in advising him to reach back out to his sister. That was good advice. I was also sad to hear about Melissa's father. That must have been very hard for her to deal with at the age Melissa was when he passed on. It still must be very hard. I don't ever want to even imagine what that would feel like. I am very close to my dad so my heart went out to Melissa on that one.

Kathy is NO JOKE when it comes to her baking. Her presentation of her desserts are just as amazing as how they taste. Holy crap! How do you DO that? And can you come do that for ME? That is a true talent! If you ever need a critic to practice with, I'm your girl. If Kathy, Teresa, and Melissa ever planned a holiday together it would be off the chain! Get it together, girls! You could solve world hunger.

I think it was cute how Lauren and Vito got their families together for their first meeting at Vito's family deli, "The Best of Little Italy," in Monroe, NY. Nothing says "pleased to meet you" like prosciutto, mozzarella, and rice balls. Any meeting like that can be awkward. That's why I brought Ashley's boyfriend's mom a bottle of wine for us to share. We were both REALLY pleased to meet each other after a glass or two. Loved Derek's mom. The Manzos and the Scalias actually get along great. Vito and his brothers look so much alike, don't they? Lauren, just let me know when I should start looking for a dress to wear to your wedding, but let's not put the cart before the horse. One step at a time. (But you're on the right track.) We all love Vito.

Thank you Albie and Christopher for having that talk with Ashley. I'm glad she has them to turn to. I don't care who gets through to her as long as someone does! It was a shocker to me that Ashley had cleaned the house and walked the dog after her conversation with the boys. That is a rarity in our house, so I definitely felt like she was stroking us for something. I was relieved when Ashley came to her senses and told us that she gave up her plans for now of trying to get an apartment in the city, but then just slid in there that it was because now she had plans to get a car. Uh huh, deja vu. Haven't we been down that road before? Does she get it? Watch what happens next week. We will talk about it in my next blog. "Lucy, you have some esplainin' to do!"

Ciao for now! XOXO!

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