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Chasing Away the Winter Blues

Kathy explains why she wanted to throw her goddess party.

By Kathy Wakile

I don't know about you, but after Christmas and New Year's celebrating we all need something, something to lift those winter blahs that descend on us in January, especially here in New Jersey. 

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In the spirit of trying to keep up with my New Year's resolution, I tried to put my best foot forward. Since everyone usually has a dieting resolution, why not do a little lite bite evening...cocktails, small portions, a little music, some laughs, and sure, why not a little post holiday bling here and there, even if it's in my hair.

Even though I didn't know Caroline, Jacqueline, and Lauren all that well, we've all been through so many things in just a few short months that I thought the best way to chase those winter blues away would be to get together and have a fun gals' night in. I thought it would be a positive thing to think about each of the ladies and what they are truly best at. I wanted to find their best goddess-like qualities and let them know that I recognize and appreciated them. I honestly believe that each and every one of us has wonderful qualities to share with the world.

As I write down my thoughts concerning this episode, I'm finding it difficult to stay positive in light of some of the comments made. However it was reassuring to know that most of my guests were having a great time. 

The evening was going pretty well. I was so happy that everyone seemed to be happy with the food I prepared. I have to admit that we can always count on Teresa to say something so obtuse. When she announced that there was a Norwegian coming to town, I was expecting a big blond Viking to be knocking at my door. LOL. Sadly though, you have to laugh because it really was very funny. Sometimes I wonder if someone writes this stuff for her.

I have to say that it came as a complete surprise to me to hear Teresa's comments at my get together. I wasn't expecting her to compliment me or say anything nice, but seriously, bashing my cooking? Granted not everyone likes all types of food. I understand and it's OK not to like something, but why be so very negative and hurtful.

Teresa always feels the need to control the entire conversation. If it's not about her, she's just not interested and just becomes mean spirited. Her rude comments about my Mediterranean-inspired goddess evening were a blatant display of her lack of sophistication in today's cosmopolitan world. 

As for Jacqueline and Ashlee, how can you see this and not hurt for them. For all the viewers that have been writing in and commenting about their struggles, please keep in mind that this is real for them. They are a real family that loves one another very deeply. They are experiencing a difficult time, and we should all be supportive.

Hope you all tune in next week and join us for a special treat when we celebrate Rich's birthday. Hope you get to see us all let our hair down having so much fun!

See you then. Have a great week!

Lots of love, 

xoxo Kathy  




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