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A Perfect Christmas

Melissa shares her thoughts on Teresa's Christmas Eve party.

By Melissa Gorga

Hi everyone! 

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Hope you all had a great week! So you finally got to see how my Christmas party ends. It wasn't without its drama, but over all we really had a great time and we danced all night. 

Everyone knows that Kim G. was wrong for bringing Monica, and she wouldn't let it go that we asked her guest to leave. I know Teresa probably wanted me to throw Kim G. out too, but I felt like I put out enough fires for her and Joe that night and tried to make them as comfortable as possible. I just wanted to enjoy the party that I put so much time into, so I was happy to dance with Teresa and just forget about Kim G.

It was really wonderful to dance with Teresa. It felt really good to just enjoy each other and have fun. It's Christmas! Time to forgive and forget! I'm by no means perfect, but who was wrong and who was right doesn't really matter to me at this point, let's just be a family. 

Speaking of family, when the Manzos threw Kim G. out I could see they were extremely frustrated with her. Caroline was trying to explain to her that coming to the party and bringing Monica was wrong and she obviously had bad intentions when doing it. Albie and Chris saw their mother getting upset and just stepped right in. I will say, whether they were right or wrong, that's what I'm talking about! I would jump in front of a car to save my mother and so would they. I did feel terrible for Chris though. You could see it in his face that he felt horrible. That's his best friend's mother... it must of killed him. She is still a lady, and so we all must treat her as one. You could clearly see Caroline was concerned for her son when he went to talk to his friend on the phone. Chris is right, the whole situation just sucks! The Manzos are a strong group and I love how they get through things together in a huddle! When they threw Kim G. out it honestly was one less thing that I had to worry about.

When you see Kathy and her family getting ready for Christmas Eve it was very sad. The situation between her mother and my father-in-law happened a very long time ago, but you can see there must still be some hurt there. Zia Maria's eyes watered up very quickly. It was like she could feel all the lost time she had with him over a silly reason. Why? Why does this happen in families? I know we are not the only ones, right? There is something about when an immediate family member hurts you, it hurts so badly. 

So some of the christening moments came back to haunt us, which might explain some of my sister's hard feelings and a lot of mine and Joe's. My whole family was just trying to help and hold people back, Joe Giudice's family was actually throwing punches. Joe's reluctance to go to Christmas Eve at his sister's house was because Joe Giudice's parents were going to be there. He was still hurt by what they did at the christening; he was in shock because they were like an aunt and uncle to him growing up. He loves Christmas Eve and wanted to feel comfortable and not on edge all night. That's why I had to give him a little push to go to his sister's house. I knew it was the right thing to do. We needed to just suck it up for his parents so they can see their grandchildren on Christmas and the kids could be together. I am trying so hard to make this work. This is just what needs to be done. Besides, I'm really looking to get along with Teresa now, I want her in my life and I really just want for us to enjoy being together. For the first time in a long time it doesn't feel forced.

Christmas Eve at Teresa's house seemed perfect to me. We had all of our favorite foods, and I was so happy that we all worked it out in time for this holiday. How beautiful were the kids? OMG, they are one more beautiful than the other. The four of us are all so blessed to have beautiful and healthy children. Thank you, Jesus! They had so much fun together and my in laws looked so happy. I was so happy and I know Joe was too. How funny was my mother-in-law as Santa? We never did that before and Miliania and Antonia had her number! The pictures we took that night will last forever. This is what life is about. I even brought pignoli cookies! 

I really enjoyed the night and felt like it couldn't have gone better, but watching the episode I saw that Teresa and Joe Giudice felt VERY different. Teresa said I don't act like a Gorga, but the truth is I'm not a Gorga! I'm a Marco and very proud of it! She needs to realize that her brother's married and learn to welcome people into the Gorga family. There are a lot of wonderful people out there that are not Gorgas!  Also, was I really dressed inappropriately? I had leggings on, geez! I like to dress festively for the holidays! I do every year!  

There is no denying that Teresa is hard to please, but come on, I'm really trying here! I wanted everyone to be happy, I wanted them to see that I'm not the reason Joe and Teresa aren't getting along. I'm pushing for them to be together. But maybe you can understand why Joe doesn't want to be around his sister's husband and his family when he says horrible things about his wife.  

I'm completely in shock with Joe Giudice's behavior. I had absolutely no idea he was saying those things about me that night. I think it is disgusting and definitely not normal behavior for a 41-year-old man to speak about a lady like that, on Christmas no less. He's watching me happily take pictures of the kids and talking behind my back.  Calling me a “witch” and saying that my husband and I are “animals.” Not cool! Joe and I are trying really hard to fix this, why is he doing that? Why is he saying that? I think those are really mean words, and I'm really upset he feels that way. 

Just for the record, I have done nothing to hurt Joe Giudice or his family. I have no idea what his problem is with me. Joe and I were really taken aback by his comments. It's funny how my Joe says in his interview that he always hears how the Giudices and Joe talk behind our back and then Joe Giudice goes and proves it. He says who would want to be her, well Joe Giudice, I happen to be very grateful for everything in my life and I think I live a great life, so please stop analyzing it and just worry about your own. He is Antonia's godfather, I chose him over my other brother-in-laws, shame on him. I see he says something really nasty in the preview for next week's episode and it makes me sick. I hope Teresa puts him in his place like she always tells her brother to do. With that said, I really hope we can stay as happy as we all are right now, because I'm really loving this and Joe and the kids are so happy. Time will tell. 

When Caroline was at the radio station and Chris called in it was very real. I'm sure Jacqueline and Chris aren't the only ones in this situation either. It's hard for all of them, Ashley, Jacqueline, and Chris. I do think Ashley is a bit misunderstood and do see a really good girl inside her. Deep down she knows how amazing Chris is to her, but she loves her daddy. Can you blame her? Daddies can do no wrong in their daughter's eyes. It's just the way it is. I feel that she loves Chris just as much, but maybe sometimes feels guilty for it. When she gets older she is going to love having two! Chris has such amazing patience with her and really treats her as if she is his own daughter. It's so clear how good he is to her, and she knows it too! Jacqueline is lucky to have found such an amazing man to help her raise her daughter, other step dads should take note. This is how you do it! 

Also, it was great to see the Manzo's Christmas. We all have so much food! And how adorable are Jacqueline's boys? What little cutie pies… they are shy, but when they pop their little faces how cute! 

Finally, I wanted to clear up all those nanny rumors out there. I read in more than one place that I have two nannies, a live in maid, and a cook…. Not true! You saw Silvina, who was our au pair for six months on the show. She was here from Argentina going to school and babysitting for me whenever I needed her to. She is so beautiful, I actually can't believe I let a young girl that beautiful live in my house ( that's so not like me)! She was so sad that night because she missed her family… It was going to be her first Christmas without them. I brought her with us because I didn't want her to be alone. We treated her like she was our teenage daughter. We loved her. She went back to Argentina about four months ago and we haven't had another nanny since. I do the cooking and cleaning in my house just like the rest of the world. So it's not true that I have an army of help.

I am getting so many questions about Antonia's Santa tutu. How cute was that? I also got a lot of questions about my outfit on Christmas, so I posted a link for everyone with pictures (thanks to my incredible photographer) from my Christmas party on my website at 

I hope everyone has a magnifico giornata!!



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