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No Fakers

Melissa explains her relationship with Teresa.

By Melissa Gorga

Hi, everyone! I'm so happy that I have received this amazing opportunity to share my life with you -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. You're really getting a true insight into my life, and for those of you who decide to stand by me through this, thank you in advance.

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First off I never realized how animated I am when I speak, especially when I'm making a point and speaking the truth. It certainly doesn't make for boring TV! Anyway, my life is pretty crazy right now. I've had so many incredible opportunities come my way and met wonderful people. I am so grateful! However, this first episode has left me with many sleepless nights and lots of tears. My heart is broken for my son after the events of his christening. It was extremely hard for me to watch, and I wanted to quit the show as soon as I saw it. I will do reality TV as long as it makes me happy and I am enjoying it. The second it puts a strain on my marriage or my children, ciao. Period! One thing you will learn about me is that when I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong. When I have a headache, I say I have a headache. When I'm having a bad day or going through a difficult time, I will not deny it. That's just me. I speak the truth, and that's why I don't stutter or look like I'm thinking when I talk. I am real.

Some of you may be very confused right now. You may be thinking, "Teresa has a brother?" Before all the press, you probably didn't know we existed, did you? Well here we are! I know the episode is a bit confusing at first. You're probably wondering why Joe acted the way he did when his sister came up to him. It's understandable so let me explain. Teresa has kept my husband, Joe, and his family (me and my three children) away from everything she has been going through and everything that has been so exciting in her life for the last three years. Although this all started before the show even existed. You will get a lot of the back-story as the season goes on, so I'm not going to go too far back. I would be writing for days! She has never been happy for her brother or cared about anything good going on in his life or his children's. She only wants to discuss her life and only cares about herself. She kept us as far away during Season 1 and Season 2, because I think she knew this would happen when they found us. Karma is a bitch. Family comes first for me, but unfortunately it does not for her, and it never will. It's just not who she is, and that's OK, but don't think we are going to go on national TV and be fake with you. We are not fakers, sorry. 

I think it is extremely obvious when she comes to the table giving us a kiss and saying congratulations for the second time that it was not the norm. You can read it all over all three of our faces. We really were not speaking to Teresa at the time of the christening, but of course I invited her to come, because we always invite each other to all of the children's parties. I am always invited to her kids' parties as well, and I will never miss one. We also had many bad conversations on the phone prior to the christening day, but it was my son's christening, so of course I will kiss them hello and expect that they will do what they normally do at all the kids' parties -- not speak. We never do, never! On top of that, Joe obviously didn't want to be there. He never wants to come to anything. With that in mind, seeing him hold Joey, whom he barely knows, and dance with him in front of the people for more than fifteen minutes was just bizarre to me. They are both very transparent, and I saw right through it. It was for show, it was for the people, and I still didn't grab my son from them. I said nothing. I allowed them to do it. It was a christening, and I didn't want to stir the pot. 

What you might not know is that the whole christening day was really beautiful. My daughter Antonia performed a special ballroom dance for her baby brother that she practiced for months. It was the sweetest thing ever. We had a Michael Jackson impersonator there that was incredible. We danced all night, the music was fantastic, and it was such a great time.

Let's discuss the hairdresser, Evelyn. She has been my hairdresser for four years now. She used to do Teresa's hair as well. As far as I knew, Evelyn was no longer doing Teresa's hair. Teresa by the way was not the one who referred me to Evelyn. That would never happen. My friend referred her to me. Evelyn never told me that Teresa called and that she went to do her hair. I found out when I watched the first episode. I was not trying to make her late. I had no idea Evelyn was going there afterward. Evelyn still does my hair three times a week. I guess Evelyn didn't want to upset me on my son's christening day and tell me Teresa starting calling her again. 

Teresa says in her interview that all she wanted was her brother to grab her and dance. What? Is she kidding me? I can't take it. She has had so many parties and never once grabbed her brother to dance, never once. They never dance together. Teresa is trying to put this image in everyone's head, but it's just simply not true. The tears? Why now? Why do you want to suddenly dance with your brother, when you have left him out of your life for years? You be the judge.

When Teresa says she was her brother's best friend before he got married, I believe that was true. She probably was. She was the only girl around, and there was no one else to share the spotlight with. Teresa likes to be the center of attention. Be beneath her or get the hell out of her way. Well she has met her match! With that said, I wanted nothing more than to have her as my third big sister. I tried really hard in the beginning with her, but she was impossible. She was always insulting me or putting me down. And when I would get upset she would say, "God, you're so sensitive." No, I just want to be respected, that's all. You will see this play out as the season goes on. Again, I will say that I wanted nothing more than for her to be a big sister to me. Wishful thinking?

When you see my sister Lysa react at the christening, she is just protecting her baby sister. She knows how Teresa has made Joe and I cry for years. She is very protective of us and has had it with her. My sisters and Joe have an amazing relationship. He feels they act more like sisters to him than his own does. When Teresa called my sister Lysa for advice because we didn't want to talk to her anymore, I warned my sister not to talk to her. I knew this would happen, and I knew she would twist my sister's words around. She does it all the time. My sister is my best friend; anyone who knows me knows that. Teresa knows that, and she hates it. She hates how close I am with my sisters, and I think she is envious of it. But we never kept her out; my sister always answered all her calls and tried to help her. Teresa loves Lysa, she always has, and believe me she still does. You can't not love Lysa, everyone does. If she agreed to some of the things Teresa was saying, it was to make her feel like she wasn't just on my side. She genuinely wanted us all to make up. My family is that way, you will see, the more the merrier! But Teresa just doesn't know how to fit into a big crowd; she's not a team player. My sisters have always welcomed her with open arms, and sometimes they were too nice to her, if you ask me! What I hope Teresa remembers is that she has four girls, and I know she would want them to stand by each other's side like soldiers the way me and my sisters do. You will never break my sisters and me never, so her trying to call my sister out like that was just desperate. 

My husband, my off the charts husband. As I think about the scene, the tears are falling from my eyes onto my fingers and my computer right now. Can't this family see how hurt this man is? This amazing man, who built everything with his own two hands the honest way since he was nine years old. Yes, nine! He is not looking for anyone to praise him that is not what he wants. I really can't get to deep into it, because it's all coming up this season, and as it plays out I will discuss it in my blogs. I will say that he is honest, he is real, and there is no way in hell you won't fall in love with him. It's impossible! When he is speaking Italian to his father, you can see the little boy coming out and looking for his daddy. It's heart wrenching. You will see that Joe is a man's man, so for him to act that way there must have been a really good reason. There were still a lot of fresh wounds from all the fights we were going through before the christening, so when this happened, it just all came out. It's real, no one in their right mind would do that for cameras. He wishes he could erase it, but it's there for you all to see. 

I will say that the fight did happen the last half hour of the night, and yes, he was drinking. We were celebrating our son, it's very normal for us to have a good time and let loose at a party. But he knew exactly what he was doing, and he was not completely hammered. He just drank a lot by that time of the night. Did you see Joe with his niece, Gia? He is the best uncle in the world. You can see how much Gia loves him written all over her face. He was always a good uncle, and he always treated his sister's children like little princesses. I think he expected the same when his daughter was born, but unfortunately he didn't get it. Why? Because it's all about Teresa. As you can see, it hasn't affected the way he treats Gia or the other girls. He will always be an amazing uncle to them, even if she chooses not to be an amazing aunt. Thank God my kids have my sisters, they give them the love of twenty aunts, and Joe sees that. The one thing he regrets is calling his sister garbage. He doesn't remember saying that, and it is not in his character to say that. Yes, he is completely disappointed with the way she treats him and his family, but he would never want to call her garbage. That is still his sister at the end of the day. He does love her. And so do I.

On a lighter note, I loved the footage of my family and my kids. That's what makes me smile! I have beautiful, sweet kids, and you're going to love them. Yes, Joe is a little obsessed with being sexual, but you will laugh a lot when you see him and I together! It's great TV. When Joe calls me his hero, I melt! He is my hero too! We both work incredibly hard, and we are not lazy people. We are go-getters, and if it's there, we will find it! We complement each other so well. I hope God watches over our marriage through all of this and keeps us strong. This family is my life, my reason for living. I am nothing without Joe and my children!

Kathy and Rich have an unbreakable relationship as well. They have a perfect little family! Kathy on the bike... I was rolling on the floor! She is that person who is so funny but doesn't even know it. Did you see the guy's face when she was talking about the food? How perfect are her kids? I love them all; they are real people. Our families get along so well. Our households are run similarly, so it just works with them. We got along from the start! 

Caroline's boys are leaving her, and I felt for her. I am so far away from that right now, but I tend to look at her family and really relate to them. I also have one girl and two boys, and I just feel like when my kids get older we will be very similar to how they are now. We'll be extremely close and supportive the way they are. I enjoy watching them. And all you girls out there, Albie and Chris have a bachelor pad now... woo hoo!

Jacqueline, sweet Jacqueline, this is so normal. Most teenage girls hate their mom. Well I shouldn't say hate, that is harsh, but they don't want to listen to their mom when they are that age. Jacqueline loves Ashley, I can see it in her eyes. She just wants Ashley to want and need her, and she wants Ashley to listen to her advice. Jacqueline seems a little passive, but believe me, she is smart and tough. She is very good at remaining calm. I love the faces she makes when Ashley gets her steamed up, they are so stern and powerful. As soon as Ashley falls in love and is ready to get married and have some babies, she will be calling Jacqueline every day for advice. I promise, it will come! I must say Jacqueline looks stunning in the whole first episode. She's beautiful!

Well I can't wait until more of the story unfolds, and you see the light! Or my light at least!

I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm anxious, I'm scared, but I'm not going anywhere... So let's do this!

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I hope you all have a magnifico giornata!


Melissa ;.)


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