Miracles Happen

Miracles Happen

Caroline marvels at the magic of field day.

Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed your Sunday! The weather is gorgeous in N.J. today! Spending the day shopping with Lauren in Hoboken and may meet up with the boys for dinner later. Life is good.

Let’s get to tonight’s episode. I’m not going to lie, I only watched it once and that was on Wednesday, so I’m a little fuzzy about it’s content.

The scene with Teresa and Gia bra shopping was cute. I remember those days well, when our kids want to be “grown ups” and we can’t keep the smile off our faces as we watch them navigate their way through life. Treasure those moments, you blink your eyes and they’re adults and you scratch your head and wonder where the time went.

Albert and Lauren playing golf made me sad and happy at the same time. It’s true when Lauren says that I can’t relate to her weight issues. I’ve been tiny my entire life and only recently have had to struggle with it. I do however love my daughter more than words can say, and I want only one thing for her. I want her to be happy and comfortable in her own skin. Her journey has been a long one, starting from when she was about 12. I found that through Albert I could get my thoughts through to her. She listens to him and relates to him, because he too struggled his whole life with his weight. Coming from him it was easier to listen, when it came from me I got hit with, “What would you know about it,” and you know what? She’s right. Albert can speak to her from a place of having been there, thank God for him and his big, kind heart. He’s a good daddy, and he wants to see his little girl shine just as badly as the rest of us. Nothing in this world hurts more than when you see your child hurting, nothing. It’s magnified when your hands are tied and you can’t fix the problem. Lauren’s journey is just that; it’s all up to her. Keep watching, I can’t tell you too much, but I can say that she’s one hell of a kid, what spirit, what determination.

Field day was a blast. See? Miracles happen. Everyone got along and really enjoyed the day. Almost… Gia was unhappy that her team lost the tug of war. She thought her Uncle Joe was cheating and she voiced her opinion to everyone. I was upstairs in the kitchen cooking when I heard voices from the basement and it sounded like someone was crying. I went downstairs to find Gia and our little friend Frankie (who is Gia’s age) talking about the cheating issue. Frank was trying to explain to her that no one was cheating and everyone was just having fun. I walked into the room and tried to explain to Gia that her mom and uncle were having a great time. I never once reprimanded her for her behavior until she became disrespectful towards me directly. I don’t care whose child you are or how upset you are; you do not look an adult in the face and tell them to be quiet, mind their business, and get out of the room. Especially when they are not antagonizing you. It was then when I told Gia to look at me and show some respect. I would expect nothing less from any other adult if it were my child back in the day -- respect is paramount in my book. Children should know their boundaries. Teresa challenging Jacqueline and myself in front of Gia was wrong. First of all, she wasn’t in the room, she didn’t know what happened. If she had a problem with either of us, she should have pulled us aside and spoke to us in private and discussed the situation before berating us in front of Gia. That’s just my thought on it, we all parent differently, and that’s what makes the world go round.

Bottom line, it was a great day, everyone was getting along, everyone was having fun, but it is what it is. See you next week.
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