An Epiphany

An Epiphany

Kathy was happy to try and move forward with Teresa.

I think we have all learned a few things with this week's episode. When your friends and family stick their necks out for you and try to help, it can make for a challenging relationship. It’s hard to turn your back and just forget what has been done and said, whether to your face or behind your back. It’s so difficult to juggle it all and it makes you wonder, why do you even have to? Wouldn’t it be so much easier if there were more honesty, more communication, and far less pettiness and animosity?

It seems like there has been an epiphany here in New Jersey overnight. I was certainly skeptical about the shift in sentiment coming from my cousin Teresa, considering that just a day before (to my surprise) she was on Jacqueline’s deck telling her and Caroline that I was fake. (Well, not in those exact words.) But when she actually did call me and suggest that we meet, I was genuinely happy to hear her voice. I imagine that everyone has their time to feel ready to make amends, and I have always been willing to go in that direction. I wasn’t happy about the tabloid articles, especially that things were said about me that were absolutely untrue and hurtful, but I truly wanted to put those feelings aside and look at the bigger picture.

Our lunch together went well. I was cautiously optimistic and did not want to rock the boat, so I did not ask her about the tabloids. As we all have witnessed in the past, Teresa does not like talking about certain situations, and the last thing I wanted was another big blow-up. It’s always been very confusing for me to read all the negativity that has been written about me and quoted by Teresa. It’s one thing to hear the words being spoken first hand and another to read what someone is saying about you. Only to have it be denied. It’s pretty simple, if you disagree with what a particular tabloid is writing, then why continue to do interviews or “photo shoots” with them? Maybe I’m just being naive, but wouldn’t that make sense? The problem for me is that I need the people close to me to be honest with me. I’m easy. I cope much easier with the truth. Show me your genuine feelings, good or bad, and I will deal with it. I don’t like to hold a grudge, however, I do get hurt, mostly from disappointment. I thought it would just be best not to pepper the situation in any way and keep it positive. I thought that if things still bothered me in the future, perhaps Teresa and I could talk about it when our relationship was stronger and she wouldn’t feel like I was attacking her. It felt like Teresa was ready to get back to a happier place and so was I. It was a good feeling.
How happy are you all that Teresa finally decided to join her brother Joey and seek therapy so they can start to heal their relationship? I have to give props to my Richie for the suggestion. Fingers crossed!

It is so sad for me to see that the Manzo and Laurita families seemed to be the sacrificial lambs in this whole process. After all, they have been wonderful friends, and from the time I first met them, they were always trying to help get us all back together again. Let’s hope that they won’t give up on any of us. You can never have too many caring friends. Let’s all hope for the best, I for one am tired of all the fighting.

I leave you all on that note. I know my sister Rosie had a wonderful time enjoying Pride weekend in NYC. I hope everyone celebrating in different cities had an incredible time celebrating Pride Day. Happy Pride!

For anyone still struggling in silence there’s help and always someone to listen. It gets better!

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