Cinema Verite

Cinema Verite

Kathy compares this episode to some of her favorite films.

Hey gang! WOW. I don’t know about you, but I’m speechless and don’t know where to start. The comedy and drama of this episode couldn’t help but remind me of my love for TV and movies. So, I have to start at the beginning and reference some of my favorite titles.

Let’s start with Sibling Rivalry. I have to admit I did feel bad for Lauren when Albie and Chris were joking with her and Vito. I know how older brothers can be and can understand how it feels to look up to them and want their approval. It’s especially difficult when you’re starting a new diet plan and not really feeling like yourself. I know they were just kidding, but Lauren, you were being a great sport about it. I love the way she brushed it off and gave it right back to them. This is the same kind of joking that goes on with Rich and his siblings, but the result is always the same -- a lot of love.

How about Rosie? You want the best no-nonsense nanny in the world? Just put my sister Rosie in charge! I think she should write her own book called Adventures in Babysitting, Jersey Style. I loved the scenes with Rosie, my mom, Joey, and Victoria looking after the little ones down the shore. I especially love my Joseph’s enthusiasm! I was glad that Rosie and my mom decided to stay with the kids, they sure did get a kick out of them. And yes Rosie, after seeing what an exciting time you had, I guess we do owe you one.

I’m going to call the next part the Love Boat. Well, not exactly. But I do think we gave our best effort, and it didn’t go as badly as anyone might have expected. However, there certainly seemed to be a negative undertow. I’m just glad we didn’t get stranded and I didn’t have to title this part Gilligan’s Island. I still wonder who would be Ginger and who would be Mary Ann! Hey Jacqueline, I never did see that sunset family photo you took of us.And last but not least, something I will briefly touch upon, the summer solstice party. It could have been A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but as the evening progressed, it looked more like a midsummer nightmare. Although it was a beautiful night, I don’t think that we had nearly enough fairy dust for what transpired that evening. I would have liked to blame it on the full moon but as you all saw, but it was definitely much more than that!

The one thing I am certain of, I came away from this episode feeling like I so wanted to be a kid again, when all of life’s disagreements could be solved by a good ole’ hug it out. Props to Rosie who encouraged that for Antonia and Milania. I remember that always worked for us too. Not to mention, I’m glad it still does. Right, Ro?If you were looking for Ever After for now you’re going to have to settle for Days of Our Lives, just stay tuned. You never know.

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