An Honest Mistake?

An Honest Mistake?

Melissa celebrates her anniversary and weighs in on the toast drama.

Hi lovers!

Today is my 8-year wedding anniversary to the love of my life. I'm very proud of the family we created together and the bond we have. Marriage is never easy; you constantly have to work on it. I put my all into my marriage and show Joe respect -- I respect him as a father and as a husband more than words can say. We are so blessed and I am grateful. He's truly the love of my life!
So we are still in Cali! How gorgeous is the estate we stayed at? Now this is vacation. It was truly breathtaking! The vineyard Chris and the boys took us to visit was so much fun. I had no idea it was supposed to be just business! The Manzo/Laurita clan didn’t look so happy. Sorry, guys! We were on vacation and there was wine everywhere… I don't think we should have gone on that business trip! LOL! We probably should have stayed at the estate and let them do their business thing.
The surprise 50th birthday dinner for Caroline was so sweet and so special coming from her family. I love the bond that family has, they are unbreakable. Whenever I see them all together, I always think of my own family with one girl and two boys. I know we will be as happy as they are when I'm 50! God bless them. The speeches were perfect, and we all shed a tear!

I'm not going to get into the phone call we saw Joe have. I didn't like it when Teresa made accusations about my marriage, so I'm not going to do it to hers. They have four daughters that need to be protected from this, so I will leave it to Joe and Teresa to explain it. How they choose to live within their marriage has nothing to do with any of us. I was very upset when I watched the episode, and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. We may have our differences, but I would never want this to happen to her.

When Teresa and I were talking in the RV, I thought it was hysterical! I was teasing her and she was laughing. It was perfect. I needed to explain to her that when she puts out these articles about her marriage and kids in a magazine and accepts a paycheck, then it's no longer just her business, it is now everyone's business. So she can't get upset when people discuss it. I felt like she was listening to me, but I'm not sure, because I just saw another one yesterday. To each their own. Just trying to help and get her past this hump. I did think Teresa was trying to make a nice toast, but the fact that she mentioned all the ladies besides Kathy ruined it. I can see why Kathy was upset and a little embarrassed. Relationships aren't about taking turns. It shouldn't be that it's either one relationship or the other. It might have just been an honest mistake. Not really sure, what do you guys think?

Well there's more California to come! Thank you all for being such great fans. I love reading all your tweets and beautiful comments. I heart you all!
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